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Include the ultimate augmented-gene-modded Psionic that never asked for this - but still shreds his enemies apart to save humanity - into your Squad.

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IMPORTANT! Update: Appearantly X-Com can't handle a Voice-Clip that goes over the 5 seconds-mark. When the game tries to play one it results in a CDT. Tested this with a couple of VoiceLines to confirm it. For this reason I had to cut or speed-up (just a little, for most) a few. So get the newest version, otherwise you get CTDs.

Adam Jensen Voice Pack for XCOM Enemy Within - Long War
Version 1.1

 All VoiceSamples belong to Eidos Montréal ©

Voice Pack for a male Soldier.
Make him the ultimate augmented-gene-modded Psionic that "never asked for this" but still shreds his enemies to save humanity.
I recommend naming the Soldier Jensen - obviously.

Voice Samples are from DeusEx: Human Revolution.

Now this Voicepack is'nt perfect. It has nearly 100 unique VoiceLines (Vanilla Soldier VoicePacks have about 300).
Many of which I used for similar Events (Dashing & Moving for example). What's also very important to know is, that I did'nt cut the parts out where Jensen talks about Sarif Industries - on purpose. Now this may be immersion-breaking for others, but my thought-process was this:

"Maybe in the X-Com universe there is a Sarif Industries that helps with the X-Com Project? Not only did they offer them their best man and chief of security - they maybe even gave some intel and research credit for augmenting soldiers."

If you are open to this kind of timetraveling-crossover-fanfiction, then great. If not:
"Don't like it-Don't use it."

Other then that, I did my best to optimize the volume and make it as close to the vanilla & LW voices. Also to fix overlapping events when I noticed them.
It may still need some work, so your feedback is needed on this. But keep your own ingame setting for voices in mind.
We may have different hearings - some have worse, some have better.  

XCOM Enemy Within
Long War Beta 15

1.) Extract the Adam Jensen directory into <XCOM Install Directory>\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole

It does'nt matter if its a subfolder or not. Just drag&drop Adam Jensen in "CookedPCConsole". You can also drop it in the subfolder "Voices" there, if you want. X-Com will find any VoiceFiles as long as they are in that directory overall.

2.) Add the following two lines after or somewhere between the other Long War "VoicePackageInfo=" lines (e.g. search for "Australian English") in <XCOM Install Directory>\XEW\XComGame\Config\DefaultContent.ini

; Voice Pack: Adam Jensen

As of Beta 15d2 there are three British Male Voices, and this will use the fourth british male voice slot. If that voice is used in later versions of Long War (or by other Voice Packs you may have installed), change the Language from 7 to something else (between 0 and 12), or rather change
the "eCharVoice_MmaleSoldier4" to eCharVoice_MaleSoldier5 or greater, as long as it is unused by other voicepacks.

3.) Remember that you will need to do edit this into the INI everytime you update your game/Long War mod.

For reference: these are the default Language IDs, if you want to replace one of them:
English: Language=0
French:  Language=1
German:  Language=2
Italian: Language=3
Polish:  Language=4
Russian: Language=5
Spanish: Language=6