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Being an XCOM Sniper is a good job, mate. It's challenging work, trapped in a secret underground base... but I guarantee you'll not go hungry.

Because at the end of the day, as long as there is one alien left on the planet, someone will want it dead.

Permissions and credits

Before downloading, keep in mind, you need the Long War for this to work.



-Do you think those aliens look like bloody fruitshop owners?

-Do you think that tall man in a blue suit is actually an alien Spy?

-Do you wish to be polite to a Sectoid?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this mod might just be for you! 

Introducing, the Sniper Voicepack. Now your XCOM Sniper too can sound like a disgruntled 30-something assassin for hire with daddy issues.

Or any other class! Yes, you heard it right! Nobody says your Sniper needs to, you know, be a sniper. This voicepack works for any class! Have an Assault Sniper, Sniping at close range!

Braford: "Close range?!"

You heard it right, folks! Close range sniping! Now we're cooking with portals.

(Note: He will still keep referring to himself as a sniper, even if you use another class. There are only a couple of lines where he does so, one on overwatch, and one where he activates the Ghost Armor, just keep that in mind.)

Voice samples are, of course, from Team Fortress 2.



Unfortunatelly, even though Sniper has a lot of great voice acting, not all of them could be used. The Meet The Sniper video had loud background music, and many of his lines are over 5 seconds long, which would crash XCOM if they started playing. Also, many of them just plain don't make any sense in any XCOM context.

Just keep in mind, I had to think laterally with many of these lines. Sniper will refer to SHIVs as "the cart", for example.

Also, Team Fortress 2 has a lot of banter, but their characters are very rarely negative about it. So I had to reuse plenty of groans from shots missed for other bad situations, such as misfiring a rocket, or being suppressed.

Still, I honestly think this is as good as a Sniper voicepack could get, given the limitations of creating a voicepack.




Copy both upk files, 'Bank0' and MaleVoice1_Snoipa, to any folder inside 
\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole\[Any Name You Want]
Changing the "[Any Name You Want]" by... any name you want.
(You can, for example, create a new folder called "Custom Voices", or "SniperVoice", or "FishWearingAHat". You can also not create any folder and just drop the file inside CookedPCConsole, but it may be hard to find it later in case you want to delete it.)

Go to
And open 'DefaultContent.ini' with the notepad.

 "; Language 7 = English English" (sans quotation marks)
And under the following three lines paste the following two:

Optional: If you want, you can change the Language number from 7 to something else (8 is Australian English) I just kept 7 because... eh. 
If you do change de language, just remember to change the '4' at the end of "eCharVoice_MaleSoldier4" to be one number higher than the number of languages already in the file, otherwise they'll conflict.

4. That's it. The voicepack is ready to be used.
If you changed nothing, you'll find the voice under 'British English', Voice number '4'



Note: I do not know if deleting the files while a character is using the voicepack won't screw up your save, so for safety, change all characters using the voice back to another voice.

1. Delete the two files

2. Delete the lines

From inside "DefaultContent.ini"

3. That's it.



I'd like to thank user track_two for helping me figure out how to actually create this.