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Just a small time modder who got her start hacking mods together for Oblivion LO's. (A lot of my mods are just patches and tweaks I make for my own LO's and publish when I get permission to release -- As long as someone gets some use out of 'em and perms are given I see no reason not to share 'em.)


"What are you working on now though?"

Oh, how convenient of you to ask! Currently I'm modding FO4 (and occasionally Skyrim -- that's just LO stuff though) and keep track of my projects here (check the Article Section).

Most my FO4 modding projects are on hold as I'm currently toying with a Skyrim LO. Once I'm done I'll come back to them ofc.


Other Links and Stuff:

Discord: I'm working on setting one up, but until I get my WJ list finished, compiled, and published, I won't be openly inviting people.


Youtube: I don't do much with YouTube currently, but occasionally I'll post something. Probably will see more activity once I get to a point where I can actually record. (Most of my stuff will probably end up in my video section anyhow).


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