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What makes me a good XCOM Soldier?

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- Are you drunk?

- Are you drunk?

- Are you drunk?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this mod might just be for you!

Introducing, the Demoman voicepack! Now your soldiers too can break at least 10 safety protocols by arriving on a battlefield inebriated bayond poisoning levels!

Get in character, take a shot everytime you miss an attack with hit rate of 80% of more!

Voice samples, are, of course, from Team Fortress 2




Copy both upk files, 'Demomemoman' and 'DemomanVoice', to any folder inside 

\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole\[Any Name You Want]

Changing the "[Any Name You Want]" by... any name you want.

(You can, for example, create a new folder called "Custom Voices", or "DemoVoice", or "WhatMakesMeAGoodXComCommander". You can also not create any folder and just drop the file inside CookedPCConsole, but it may be hard to find it later in case you want to delete it.)

Go to


And open 'DefaultContent.ini' with the notepad.


Ctrl-F "Language 7 = English English" (sans quotation marks)

And under the following three lines paste the following two:


Remember: If you used my other TF2 themed voicepacks, or any voicepack that adds another voice to the British Male section, change 'MaleSoldier4' by 'MaleSoldier[numberoflatestvoice+1]'. For example, if you already installed a MaleSoldier4 voice, then this should be named MaleSoldier5.
You can also change the Language=7 part if you wish to change what language they appear under. I only keep all voicepacks under British English because I find it convenient.
4. That's it. The voicepack is ready to be used.

If you changed nothing, you'll find the voice under 'British English', Voice number '4'


(0. For safety, change all characters using this voice to another voice first)

1. Delete files

2. Delete the lines you wrote in DefaultContent.ini

3. Take a drink