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Tints the icons for MEC Troopers in the colour corresponding their original class. LW only.

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In his excellent Soldier Class Breakdown Mod (now included in LW 1.0), eclipse666 included coloured class icons, which in my opinion greatly helped organising my barracks. Unfortunately, there weren't any for their MEC equivalents that had custom icons added as well. And since my OCD won't give me any peace with my lovely robot killing machines sticking out like a sore cyan thumb in the barracks, I present you my addition to fix that (very, very minor) flaw.

Since only LW includes these specific custom class icons, it will only work with that mod.

Apply with TexMod. For that matter, I recommend using EasyTexMod. Tested on LW 1.0.

All credit for the original idea goes of course to eclipse666, being the exceptional EW/LW-modder he is.

Hotfix 1.0a: Removed the black background I somehow failed to notice the first time around. D'oh!