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A compatibility patch to apply mappin changes made by Brothers In Arms as well as Fast Travel Points Pack - Unofficial Update to the same file. So that both changes will work when using both mods.

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Brothers In Arms - TW3 Ultimate Bug Fix Collaboration fixed Notice Board by Pontar Bridge. It shows on map as white before picking it up the first time, which might deceive players to not pick it up and miss out on quests and POI objectives. Now it displays in proper yellow until it is picked up the first time.
However, it's conflicted with the mod Fast Travel Points Pack - Unofficial Update, which means the added signposts in Velen/Novigrad are disappeared on the map by using both mods. So I made this compatibility mod.

Install Brothers In Arms and Fast Travel Points Pack - Unofficial Update (or other mods mentioned in the update section). Depending on the mods you actually installed, choose the appropriate version of compatibility patch and put it with a higher priority into your mods folder.

Since Nitpicker's Patch fixed one of the common roadsign models in which the signs were not touching the post. And it's conflicted with both mods above by changing the same file. So I add an optional file to make it compatible with Nitpicker's Patch or Community Patch - Besserwisser's too. For those who don't use Fast Travel Points Pack - Unofficial Update, there's a BIA & NP only version as well.
Thanks to MerseyRockoff and konyme.

Some users may use a Fast Travel Points Pack - Unofficial Update's compatibility version with Additional Stash Locations mod, which is conflicted with the same file either. Now I add two optional compatibility patches for that version, with or without Nitpicker/Besserwisser compatibility.

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  • game\hub_pins\novigrad.w2em