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Restores more than 250 NPC names to the game that were either incomplete, missing, or incorrect. Now rebuilt as DLC with 0 mod conflicts.

Permissions and credits
The Witcher 3 is a massive game consisting of several massive regions.  There are thousands of NPCs in the game.  Most of them are interactable, such as quest givers, merchants, villains, and even allies of Geralt.  Many of these characters have full names, but CDPR chose to use shortened or generic names for many of them.  This mod seeks to restore all of these unique names to create a more rich, immersive experience for the user when interacting with these characters.

This project consists of edits to more than 250 NPCs' names throughout the entire game and the two expansions.

Version 3.0 introduces Names from the Path as a completely redesigned DLC-only mod. Now there will be no more conflicts with other mods, no more need for setting prioritization, and no more compatibility patches!

Type of Fixes
  • Shortened  --  In many cases, the game uses first names when full names are available.  Example: Anna Strenger and Tamara Strenger are simply "Anna" and "Tamara" in the game.
  • Consistency  --  Some characters use full names yet others from their same guild do not.  Example: Fringilla Vigo and Philippa Eilhart are given full names whereas the game only displays "Margarita" instead of Margarita Laux-Antille.
  • Typos  --  some names are spelled incorrectly.  Example: Halbjorn Blackhand.  The game can't seem to decide whether it is "Halbjorn" or "Hjalborn" (it's "Halbjorn").
  • Missing Names  --  some characters were given unique names in dialogue, message board notes, or in other ways yet they display generic names in the game.  Example: In the Prologue, Bram is listed as "Merchant".  In Oxenfurt, Otto Bamber is simply called "Herbalist".
  • Shared Names  --  in a few cases, multiple NPCs were sharing the same generic name instead of being given their own unique name.  Example: all of the Puffins from the quest The Play is the Thing were all called "Comedian" despite one of them having a unique name (Nissa).
  • Titles  --  many NPCs have titles that were omitted.  Example: King Radovid and Captain Damien de la Tour.

Recommended Companion Mods
This mod will work with the vanilla game.  However, for the best experience, I recommend pairing it with a few other mods:
  • Grammar of the Path  --  GotP is the definitive experience for accurate text throughout the game.  It contains edits to more than 2,100 lines of text to correct formatting, typos, and inaccurate text to greatly clean up the user experience.
  • Brothers in Arms: TW3 Bug Fix and Restored Content Collection  --  while not required to be used with Names from the Path, BiA is an essential mod that fixes more than 5,000 bugs and restored content across the entire game.  No playthrough should be without it.

Language / Translation
This mod is possible to be translated into all languages.  The main file contains English only.  However, the optional files presently contain translations for the following localization files:

Main File:

Optional Translation Files:

Also inside the optional file, I have included a decoded version of the English file.  If anyone wants to translate the remaining languages, please send it to me and I will add it to the mod along with giving you credit for translation.  Remaining languages needed:
  • Arabic (ar)
  • Japanese (jp)

***Note: as of version 3.0, this mod is a DLC. Therefore, it must be installed in the DLC folder. It will not work if it is installed in the mods folder.***

There are two ways to install this mod:

1) Extract the contents of the file to your \DLC folder, typically found at:
[your drive directory]\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY\DLC


2)You may also use a mod manager.  This has been fully tested and works with Vortex.

Be sure to turn the DLC: Names From The Path to ON in the Gameplay menu.

To uninstall, simply delete the mod from your \DLC folder or disable in your mod manager. Conversely, you can keep it installed and simply turn it OFF in the Gameplay menu.

As of version 3.0, this mod has been redesigned as a DLC. As such, it will not conflict with any other mods. It is 100% compatible with every other mod. There is no longer a need for compatibility patches. If you have any of the following mods installed, they are no longer needed and you can safely delete them:
  • mod0Compatibility_NftP_NoMissableMutagens
  • mod0Compatibility_NftP_SbN
  • mod0Names_FAP
  • mod0NftP_FAP_Patch
  • mod00aNftP_WDS_GM_Patch
  • mod0aNftP_WDS_Patch
  • mod0_LQCCR_NftP_CompatibilityPatch

Special Credit and Thanks
Shoutout to my Brothers In Arms, without whom this mod (and many others) would not exist: Lewis for proposing the idea of using DLC to cut down on mod conflicts, and kudos to glassfish and MerseyRockoff for figuring out how to do it and showing me.

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