UI Mods

Ammo Count
Building Health Display
Character Edit Button
Crafting Filter
Custom Item Info Display
Custom Dreams
Custom Loading Screens
Custom Server Loading Screen
Custom UI
Customizable Toolbar
Extended Player Inventory
Inventory HUD Info
Map Coordinates Display
Movable Chest Inventory Panel
Movable Inventory Windows
Notification Tweaks
Real Clock Mod
Show Container Contents
Show Buildings on Map


Configuration Manager
Console Tweaks
Controller Button Switch
Enable Console
Map Pin Export
Nexus Update Check
Quick Load
Remember IP Address
Terrain Reset


Action Requirement Check
Advanced Signs
Auto Feed
Auto Fuel
Auto Split Stack
Auto Store
Backpack Redux
Build Piece Tweaks
Build Restriction Tweaks
Building Damage Mod
Building Demolish
Cart Support
Cartography Table Map Restriction
Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull From Containers
Custom Armor Stats
Custom Container Sizes
Custom Toolbar Hotkeys
Custom Weapon Stats
Damage Mod
Day Cycle
Death Tweaks
Despawn Trader
Discard Dropped Items
Dungeon Respawn
Equip Multiple Utility Items
Haldor Quests
Here Fishy
Hold Repeat Actions
Hotbar Switch
Hoe Radius
Hugin Quests
Instant Building Repair
Instant Monster Loot Drop
Item Storage Component
Lockable Doors
Map Teleport
Mining Mod
Monster AI Tweaks
Open Containers Anywhere
Plant Mod
Prevent Baby Slaughter
Quest Framework
Quick Cart
Quick Store
Recipe Customization
Recycle Inventory Items
Repair Requires Materials
Repair Specific Items
Server Rewards
Simple Sort
Ship Speed Mod
Stamina and Health Regeneration
Time Mod
Tree Respawn

Audio / Visual

Combat Music
Custom Audio
Custom Graphics Settings
Custom Meshes
Custom Textures
Grass Tweaks
Helmet Hair and Beard Toggle
Play As Skeleton
Post Processing Effects
Torch Light Mod
Viking Sails

Animation / Movement

Animation Speed
Emote Keys
Jump Run Sneak Walk Swim
Super Jump

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  1. nickalley96
    • member
    • 3 kudos
    Absolutely the BEST mod creator for Valheim hands down.

    If it wasn't for Aedenthorn's mods, I'd probably have stopped playing Valheim a while ago, and I wouldn't be learning C# either.

    Thanks @aedenthorn for all that you do!
    1. ryanscampbell
      • member
      • 0 kudos
      I second this nomination for Aedenthorn! ??