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Lets you quickly transfer inventory items into nearby containers by pressing a hotkey.

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With this mod you can press a hotkey (default .), your inventory items are sorted into nearby containers.

You can set range, whether the container must already have the type of item being stored, and allow or disallow lists for all and specific
types of container.

Allow / Disallow Lists

Allow / disallow lists are comma-separated lists of strings.

Lists are of two kinds: Types and Categories.

"Types" lists refer to specific item spawn names, e.g. ArmorBronzeChest.

"Categories" lists refer to generic item categories, like Material or Helmet.

Valid categories include:

  • None
  • Material
  • Consumable
  • OneHandedWeapon
  • Bow
  • Shield
  • Helmet
  • Chest
  • Ammo
  • Customization
  • Legs
  • Hands
  • Trophie
  • TwoHandedWeapon
  • Torch
  • Misc
  • Shoulder
  • Utility
  • Tool
  • Attach_Atgeir

Allow lists override disallow lists, and global lists override lists for specific container types.


A config file BepInEx/config/aedenthorn.QuickStore.cfg is created after running the game once with this mod.

You can adjust the config values by editing this file using a text editor or in-game using the Config Manager.


To install this mod, place the dll file in the BepInEx/plugins folder. You will need BepInEx.

Code is at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.

Click here for a list of all my mods for Valheim.