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Walk to the Desert is a new expansion that adds four major new maps that connect Pelican Town to the desert. My other mod, Garden Village, is now reachable on foot! Walk to the Desert features new foraging areas, new quarry areas, new monster spawn areas, one new shop, one hidden NPC, and the potential for much more!

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Ever thought it was unfair you can walk everywhere in town, but you can't walk to the desert?

Well now you can! 

But there are reasons that everybody else just takes the bus... the road is long, and it's full of monsters! You'll want to either take a sword, or run fast.

What's New in Version 1.0.3

Fixed the issue where the horse/tractor would glitch on trying to cross into Garden Village.


Walk to the Desert is compatible with the maps Stardew Valley Expanded and the Boarding House and Bus Stop Extension. It's probably compatible with most other expansions, too, but these are the ones I've tested so far. Unless the other mod makes edits to the Tunnel or the Desert maps, it should work just fine. And if there are any map issues, I can add a fix for that specific mod.

Known Bugs

You'll need to make some adjustments to ensure compatibility with Stardew Valley Expanded.  First of all, you need to follow the SVE install instructions and put all its folders into your base mod folder. Next, make sure you only have one copy of CustomNPCFixes. SVE includes its own copy, so you don't need to download the official copy if you have SVE installed. Older versions of SVE have a bug with the Anti-social NPC mod, but this is fixed in the latest release.

Phantom Bus -- When you cross into the desert, you will suddenly be on a bus and get a ride the rest of the way to the desert bus stop.  This behavior is hard-coded into the game, and I'm not interested in trying to change it. My solution is to pretend that it's a magic bus that helps you cross the border into the desert because the desert was magically sealed during the Elemental Wars.  I also gave Sandy some dialogue to tell you the legend of the Phantom Bus.

Required Mods

Garden Village is required for Walk to the Desert.  You can use Garden Village without Walk to the Desert, but in Walk to the Desert you'll just walk off the edge of the map into a void if you don't have Garden Village.

You will also need all the same mods installed as for Garden Village:

SMAPI (required)
Content Patcher (required)
JSON Assets (required)
BusLocations (required for new bus stop to Garden Village.  Unofficial update for Android is here.)
Producer Framework Mod (required)
Shop Tile Framework (required)
TMX Map Toolkit (required)
Spacecore (required by other content packs)
Mail Framework Mod (required to add custom mail)

Plus you will need the following mods (Garden Village will eventually need all these, too, once I start adding NPCs):

Farm Type Manager (to allow spawning of forage, quarry, monsters, and artifact spots)
Antisocial NPCs (to hide NPCs from the social menu before you encounter them)
Custom NPC Fixes (to allow NPCs to walk around) latest version is here, not on nexus

Optional Mods

PPJA Fruits and Veggies (some items can appear as forage)
PPJA Mizu's Flowers (some items can appear as forage)
PPJA More Trees  (some items can appear as forage)

Features of Walk to the Desert

There are four new major maps, and a number of smaller locations -- some of them hidden.  If you want to be surprised, don't open the spoilers!

Forest Road

This map connects to the left hand side of the tunnel -- I've removed that pesky barricade for you so you're free to pass all the way through.  Forest Road features an abandoned farm, including a overgrown field that sometimes still produces vegetables, and a weird magic tree that sometimes produces fruits. And some wild monsters. They're not too strong, but you don't want to stand still and let them hit you.

To the left, the road continues on to the Winding Road map.

Hidden Features: 

Winding Road

This map connects to the Forest Road on the bottom right, Garden Village on the bottom left, and the Interchange map at the top.  You can walk to Garden Village in about 1 hour game time, easily getting there before Pam even gets out of bed!

Winding Road features normal random forage, a quarry area at the top of the map, and tons of monster spawns!


This map connects to the Winding Road at the bottom, the Ghost Town on the left, and a future location on the top right.  If anyone ever makes a Zuzu City mod, I can connect to it at the top of the map. (Please don't ask me to make Zuzu City -- I have too much to do as it is...)

The Interchange features another quarry area, and more monster spawns.

Ghost Town

This map connects to the Interchange on the right, and the Calico Desert on the left. This mod is compatible with all the changes made to the desert by SVE as far as I've been able to see.

The Ghost Town is a battered looking place with nothing really of note, except for the warning signs.  Maybe you should visit after dark? Or maybe you shouldn't....

Hidden Features:


New Crop Spoilers:

New NPC Spoilers: