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This mod serves as a platform that will be used to continually add longevity to the game.

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"Being one of my favorite games; I wanted to give this game more play-ability. I felt that hitting 90-95% of the game's content was too quick. With this mod I aimed to increase the lifespan of the game." - RTGOAT

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  • Profits from farming are significantly reduced.
  • Crops with higher profit margins have higher seed prices.
  • Selling prices increase as a player levels their respective skill.
  • Items are worth more when they are out of season.
  • Relationship with shop owners give player price benefits.
  • Cooked meal values are increased.
  • Almost all items have random variable price influence (Prices will fluctuate every single day from a random 0-15% [positive and negative] depending on what kind of item it is).
  • Seasonal influence will take into account artisan goods and what they were made from. Strawberry jelly will have the same seasonal influence as strawberries; same goes for blueberries, etc.


At the end of each month (Morning of the 28th), a simple menu will pop up to notify the player of all monthly expenses to be incurred. The player will then have the costs deducted from their bank. If a player has less money than the costs, they will go into debt which will be displayed as a 0. The bill will give the player their debt amount, however the game doesn't account for negative money so its display will remain 0 until the debt is covered.

  • Taxes: Taxes are computed based on the player's house size, how many buildings are on the farm, how much capital the player has placed [on the farm and inside buildings] (bee houses, preserve jars, etc), and tax breaks based on if the player is married and how many kids the player has.
  • Water: Water bills are calculated by the players current house size, how many buildings are on the farm, and how many sprinklers are placed on the farm.
  • Electricity: Calculated based on the players current house size, how many buildings are on the farm, and how many light objects are placed on the farm and inside buildings.

*MCM is has been removed as of v1.7.0*


  • MCM crops have been balanced and will be influenced by Longevity's pricing system.
  • Pierre will sell all MCM seeds when they are in season.
  • All saplings will always be available at Pierre's.


  • Axe and pickaxe have less stamina benefit from upgrading (Upgrading still reduces stamina used, but not as much as before).
  • Scythe uses 2 stamina per swing.

With DNPCC there comes a complete new system that enabled the possibility for the villagers to change their clothing depending on the current weather, seasons and occasions.

  • Coming with 25 new clothing triggers. People can change their clothings indoors, outdoors, when it rains, at the beach, in every season and at festivals.
  • Plus workspace triggers for those who needs work clothes.
  • Contains a basic clothing set for the vanilla portrait. (WIP!)

DNPCC content overwrites dynamically the portraits and sprites in the games directory. If you don't like the outfits from the basic set or you already play with modded portraits and you like them to show up, you can simply delete single outfits out from the DNPCC-folders or overwrite them with your own prefered content.


  • Villagers asks for your opinion about their appearence. Some may think about dying or cutting their hair, others about wearing a beard... Give your friends some advises.
  • (comming... not soon, but someday. ;))

  • Enhancement of the character depth.
  • Enhancement of the social interaction.
  • Prolonging the attention given to NPCs.

  • Static Dialogue
    • New vanilla styled dialogues for marriage, the daily interaction and the festivals...
    • Adding new background stories and interesting details about the NPCs.
  • Trigger based Dialgues:
    • The NPC reacts to the player developing a relationship with other NPCs.
    • The NPC reacts to his current location.
    • The NPC reacts to the current year ingame and to a whole lot of other triggers...
  • Dialogue Trees:
    • The option to ask a NPC a couple of questions.
    • The NPC might change his behaviour towards the player based on the interaction before.
    • The player decides, which kind of topic he/she wants to discuss.
    • Different answers lead to different new conversation options.
    • Allows character development.

Currently only available for Abigail!

Longevity is a bunch of work and only exists in this form through division of labor. Detailed credit lists with all names of the artists can be found in the folder by the same title.
To name here only a few:

  • RTGOAT - Programming & Administration
  • Alvadea - Teamlead DNPCC & creation of the Overview Screen and Nexus Grafics
  • Jaksha - Teamlead DNPCD & creation of the Nexus Presentation
  • Tooshi & Waffelbro - Media Team. Thanks also to everyone else making videos or streams about Longevity.
  • mindcrank & Seismothesaurus - creation of Installation Guides & active supporter in the helpme-channel on Discord.
  • MizuJakkaru - MCM Sprites
  • Every single member of the DNPCC and DNPCD team and everyone who put work into this great mod. Thanks!!