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My long-overdue seasonal Leah mod.

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Hey!!! Long time no see!

5/1/2022 update: all sprites are included! All portraits and character sheets are now available to download  :) huge shoutout to holychurros for helping me out with them! <3

Please let me know if you notice any issues! 

These mods do not come with full character sprite replacements. I will try to add an image showing which character sprites are replaced soon.
All seasonal portraits are replaced!

The main reason I haven't uploaded in so long is because I wanted to wait until I had the sprites edited to match the portraits, but it's just not gonna happen lol. Sorry if the lack of character sheets disappoints you, but if anyone else wanted to try making them they definitely have my permission!

To Use With Seasonal Outfits

  1. Download and unzip the version you want to use.
  2. Open the new unzipped file, click on the folder inside named assets and copy it. (The files inside the folder will replace the Leah files in the Seasonal Outfits mod. If you want to preserve the originals you can move them to another folder first, but you can always just re-download the original mod to restore them.)
  3. After copying the assets folder, move over to the [CP] Seasonal Cute Characters folder. Inside this folder, press paste and a prompt should pop up asking if you want to replace existing files. Say yes and then you should be all good to go!

* My seasonal mods are currently not compatible with Diverse Stardew Valley, unless you want to modify your own game files in a way that will make them work together. I will be working on this, but at the moment I cannot help with the issue if you want to use both mods.