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Slightly edits the portraits to fix proportions and make them a little more appealing while remaining very close to the vanilla art.

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Hello beautiful people!

I really do have a lot of appreciation for the vanilla art but that does not mean I can't complain. With this mod I tried to have a look at the general proportions of the characters as well as make them look slightly more appealing. My goal was to stay as close to the vanilla art as I could.The only portraits I changed significantly are Elliot's and Sandy's because I just hate their profile view with a burning passion. For Elliot's portrait I used his beta appearance as a basis and for Sandy I just tried my best.

You need to have SMAPI and Content Patcher for this to work. The mod is configurable, so if there is a portrait you would rather not use, you can set the character to false in the config. There are also two versions of Harvey. You can set "HarveyBeard" to false if you want the no beard version.

Now also edits Morris and Marlon from SVE! This works automatically.

If you enjoy my portraits consider downloading the seasonal version of them along with some new sprites.

I hope you enjoy this mod!