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A small edit of Abigail's portrait to include her cute bow. Available for vanilla and SO-SCA.

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Abigail's bow is so cute that it's a darn shame when it's missing from her portraits, even modded ones. To fix this pressing dilemma, I made a quick amateur edit of Poltergeister's seasonal outfits mod which adds Abigail's little blue bow to her spring portrait, as seen on her overworld sprite.

It's also available for vanilla in case you don't use seasonal outfits. Note that I used Poltergeister's tweaked Abigail portrait, so her face is slightly altered. If you want a fully vanilla Abigail with a bow in her portrait and no other changes, there are other options on Nexus.

Content Patcher
(Optional) Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic

Only pick one of the following.
  • FOR VANILLA: Download "Bow for Abigail - Vanilla," unzip, and add the folder to your "Mods" folder.
  • FOR SO-SCA: Download "Bow for Abigail - SO-SCA" and unzip. This needs to overwrite some files in Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetics. Copy the "assets" folder from "Bow for Abigail - SO-SCA" into that mod's folder ("[CP] Seasonal Cute Characters") and overwrite. (Highly recommend using a mod manager for this kind of thing. And just in general, really.)

ConcernedApe and Poltergeister did all the heavy lifting here; I just added a simple bow per Poltergeister's open permissions on their mod page.