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Overhauls Player Character and every NPC sprite

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Hello and welcome everyone!

This mod aims to make all character sprites in the game, well, slightly cuter.
Features include:
  • No longer will there be bowlegs
  • Consistent look between player character and NPCs
  • Some mistakes were fixed such as Abigail’s bow being on the wrong side in some animations or Jodi’s side braid which now is visible from only one side etc.
  • Additional edits of NPCs in events such as the fair, Sam's concert, Joja market etc. 
  • Can now choose if the characters will have their noses
  • Optional Maru without glasses
  • Optional female skirt adapted from HyperChicken01's mod who kindly let me use their sprites.

The configs are as following

whether characters have noses:

whether Maru wears her red glasses:
"MaruGlasses": "True/False"

whether the default farmer base changes.
 "FarmerBase": "True/False"
If you use this, the legs of the farmer will be a little wider (approximately the same width as with the default pants equipped. As such, there will be no visible difference when you have the default pants equipped). Set it to "False" if you use a different mod which changes farmer bases such as Get Glam. Get Glam features the same farmer bases I made so you can get the same results using that.

This mod is compatible with SVE, however, SVE uses its own sprites for Marlon Gunther and Morris and you will not see their cute version. For a consistent look download Slightly Cuter Characters - SVE Edition
Consider also downloading the Seasonal version of Slightly Cuter Character Sprites: Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic
Only Install either this mod or the seasonal version of Slightly Cuter Characters, not both!

I hope you enjoy this mod!