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This is a BFAV mod that adds quails and quail products to the game. Credit to stupiddullahans for the quail sprites and credit to Lavapulse for the base for the egg sprite. Credit to paradigmnomad for the mayonnaise sprite and for updating Artisan Valley to include support. Credit to Wingyl for the mayonnaise support with Producer Framework.

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  • Japanese
This mod adds quails to the game using Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety. The BFAV 3.0 unofficial update is needed.

This mod also adds the animal products Quail Eggs, Large Quail Eggs, and Quail Mayonnaise. It adds 3 new recipes: Boiled Quail Egg, Poached Quail Egg, and Fried Quail Egg.

To install, you must have Json Assets and BFAV 3.0. Simply download the 2 files and move them to the mod folder.

Credit goes to stupiddullahans, who let me use their Japanese Quail Sprite. I recolored their sprite for the Button Quail. To see their Asian Animals mod, click here

Credit also goes to Lavapulse, who let me use their egg sprites. I simply edited them to give them a more quail-like....... quail-ity.... To see their New Chicken Breeds mod, click here.

Credit to paradigmnomad for making a mayonnaise sprite for me and for updating Artisan Valley to include support for this mod. If you download Artisan Valley, you can make Quail Mayonnaise. Artisan Valley can be downloaded here.

Credit to Wingyl, who was kind enough to make a quail artisan product mod for the Producer Framework! The link is here.