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TL;DR: Literally everything is less yellow and has reduced saturation, grass and leaves are more blue. Except fall, fall is gold now. Includes interiors, craftables, flooring, furniture, a neutral interface, and more. Initial update for version 1.5 to deal with missing assets and mismatched textures.

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
UPDATE 01/15/2020: Updated code so flooring and craftables now display properly across seasons. Thanks to majortommo for reporting the issue and hatmouse, greedfool and LadyShardust for helping me figure out the new location-dependent code required.

About Starblue Valley
Welcome to the Starblue Dirty Fix for 1.5. Why is it the “dirty” fix? Because it’s the bare minimum to get Starblue functioning again. This update focuses on eliminating invisible assets and mismatched textures only. So while there many, many components left to tackle and some pieces aren't up to my personal standards, it's... fine. The most egregious issues are handled while I work on the rest of the new assets. An example of the Beach Farm in summer has been added to the photos, but I'll be holding off on more photos until I have more of the update complete.

I’m also rolling in some pre-1.5 additions I completed but never uploaded, such as Caroline’s greenhouse and further expansion of the interface.

What Has Been Fixed:
  • Partial/basic recolor of {{season}}_island_tile_sheet_1. Messy and incomplete, but your beach farms will no longer be a hot mess.
  • Recolor of new assets from farmhouseTiles so no mismatches in your new island farmhouse, either.
  • Menu map recolor so the new beach farm maps will appear correctly with each season. When using the interface option, the border around Ginger Island will match the UI.
  • Complete recolor of Caroline’s greenhouse, rain and shine. The door and adjacent floor also matches the farm greenhouse recolor.
  • Added code so the Starblue summer tiles will not be used on Ginger Island.
  • Made the shipping bin an on/off toggle option. This hasn’t been optimized for the 1.5 update yet.
  • Seasonal recolors of the farmer’s menu sprite when using the custom interface.
  • Fixed invisible floors.
  • Fixed invisible fruit trees.
  • Added recolors of the snowman, some rarecrow stakes, the Stardew Hero Trophy, and gold Lewis.
  • Added the Language Buttons and Tailoring to the interface recolor.
  • Fixed a bug where the top of the butterfly hutch didn’t display correctly.
  • Fix to the woven straw interior floor.
  • Minor fixes.

What Has NOT Been Fixed (Yet):
  • Sorry, but Ginger Island is 100% vanilla at this time. This will be the most ambitious part of the update, as it will be redone with a different color scheme from the mainland.
  • Some of the new mainland assets, like the giant tree, Willy’s boat, and the Special Orders board, have not yet been recolored.
  • New menus like the orders board and the dwarven enchantment board have not been recolored.
  • The new fruit trees have not been recolored.
  • Mahogany trees have not been recolored.
  • New furniture has not been recolored.
  • New interiors have not been recolored.
  • The new crafting machines have not been recolored.
  • The new paths have not been recolored. Plus I’ll probably need to redo the stone walkway now that a cobblestone path that matches the town path exists.

These assets will be added in subsequent updates, starting with the mainland assets. There are some assets I may take this opportunity to tweak/improve. I'm also hoping at some point I can finish some of the interior/event assets I haven't completed yet, like the movie theater and Sam's show, but there's a lot to do first.

  • Install SMAPI v3.3.8.3. (or later if available).
  • Install Content Patcher v1.19.3 or later.
  • Download Starblue Valley.
  • Run SMAPI to generate the config file, then close SMAPI and adjust the newly-generated config to your preferences. (Check the readme for details.)
  • Run and enjoy!

To uninstall, simply delete the [CP] Starblue Valley folder from your Mods directory. No muss, no fuss.


  • Content Patcher packs do not modify game files. However, almost every tilesheet in the game will be patched by Starblue Valley. All non-exterior options have a config menu option to turn them on/off, so please study the configuration menu options and/or adjust your load orders accordingly.
  • Starblue may conflict with custom maps. I will not provide further support or assets for custom mods. If you are a modder who wants to make provide custom assets for Starblue, please feel free to use my assets to make your mods compatible as long as you do not solicit any type of payment (donation, paywall, or otherwise). Make sure to credit me and provide a link back to Starblue. If you need me to adjust Starblue to accommodate your mod, please reach out to me with the code for your proposed changes. 
  • Starblue's seasonal maps are not compatible with Bohum's NPC Map Locations. Starblue will detect whether you have Bohum's mod installed and automatically disable seasonal maps in that case. (Thank you Bohum!)
  • Starblue is only available in English. I will not be adding cross-language support. Once the 1.5 update is complete, I'll look into making a compatibility pack so other modders can create translated versions of Starblue easily.

For the optional waterfall map download, you'll need the [season]_extrasTileSheet.xnb files installed. See those mods for instructions on using this pack with custom maps.

Terms of Use
Feel free to edit these maps for personal use, no need to check to with me first. You may use my assets to create compatibility files with your mods as long as you do not solicit any type of payment for doing so, whether that is through a donation button, Patreon, paywall, or otherwise. Please credit me and link back here if you do so. Don't upload my mod without explicit permission to another site. Do not attempt to get paid off MY work.

Pathoschild and f4iTh/JertsukkaTheMan for SMAPI and Content Patcher. SchrodingersKit for the beautiful Sunset colorway from the Tub O' Flowers Color Variety mod. Maleha for their version of the waterfall mod. Illuzio, whose Natural Color Reshade helped me get the saturation levels for winter and fresh water right,  Eemie, whose now-outdated Recolored Maps inspired my spring and summer recolors, and LavenderLight's A Toned Down Stardew Valley, whose less saturated town recolors inspired mine. Hatmouse who kept this unofficially updated while I was gone and who provided the code for my Ginger Island fix, SpringSong who provided the dog bowl grass options, drew on the SDV discord for playtesting. ThisIsLonelyStar who donated their Beach Farm save file for testing/previews.

Mods Used in Photos
Grass: More Grass version of Flowering Fields
Barn Animals: Elle's New Barn Animals
Coop Animals: Elle's New Coop Animals
Butterflies/Critters: Elle's Critter Replacements
Horse: Elle's New Horses
Dog: Elle's Dog Replacement
Cat: Elle's Cat Replacements
Mushroom Trees: allanbachti's Mushroom Trees Retextured
Iron Fences: Rue's Iron Cemetery Fences
Farm Buildings: magimatica's Hudson Valley Buildings in Rhinebeck, Endohare's Seasonal Grandfather Clock, and the Winery/Brewery Slime Hutch mod, personal recolors; Elle's Seasonal Building Replacements (Starblue version, with a personal recolor of the spring overlay)
Obelisks: from Elle's Seasonal Building Replacements
Gems: Animated Gemstones
Objects: Peachy Objects