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TL;DR: Literally everything is less yellow and has reduced saturation, grass and leaves are more blue. Except fall, fall is gold now. You know what, just look at the pictures.

Permissions and credits
ANNOUNCEMENT: With the 1.3 update so close, I will not be fulling any requests until after the update is released. 

UPDATE: For those of you who tried to download the pink oak trees and only got the XNB version (despite my repeatedly swearing it was fixed) it was a Nexus error. The definitely very correct file has now been uploaded. Sorry about the confusion.

About the Maps
Welcome to the Content Patcher edition of Starblue Valley!

What's different? Kind of a lot, actually. Besides converting the mod to the Content Patcher Pack (CPP) format, there are a bevy of additions, updates, and tweaks to make these maps better than ever. Some of the changes include:
  • Desert and beach maps! Yes, you now have a full set! With bonus casino makeover, very zen compared to the original tacky Southweatern vibe. (Then again, tacky Southwest vibe describes a lot of casino decor, so YMMV.) I'll let the pics speak for themselves.
  • Some major changes to the Festivals.xnb, to coordinate with the updated woods and ground from the map recolors. No mismatched luau beach sand here!
  • Lots of picky minor tweaks, from normalizing certain wooden object colors to making summer grass 1.6% bluer. A few previously missed objects have now been recolored too.
  • Recolors of some of the weeds and debris from around the farm.
  • Bonus #1! A recolor of the world map to resemble SBV's spring map. For max AESTHETIC.
  • Bonus #2! I've uploaded an optional CPP for folks who use maps with Maleha's waterfall, like the Trio Falls Forest Map.

Plus, all the great things you love about the old maps: bluer-toned grass, approximately 17% less saturated buildings and objects, softer winter, and golden fall. Still available with pink or green oak trees in spring, and the file is set up to permit you to swap between colorways by editing the content.json if so desired.

  1. Install SMAPI v2.5.2 (or later if available).
  2. Install Content Patcher v1.1 or later.
  3. Download the version of Starblue Valley you want.
  4. Navigate to your Stardew Valley > Mods folder and unzip. That's it!

To uninstall, simply delete the BlossomingTrees folder from your Mods directory. No muss, no fuss.


With the Content Patcher update, SBV no longer requires overwriting XNB files. That means they're compatible with UI mods like Vintage Interface that overwrite the Cursors.xnb or properly-modded CPP interfaces. The image textures will still override all or part of nearly three dozen files. For a complete list of files, see the readme included in the zip.

You can use Eemie's Vintage Mailbox with some editing to the  content.json file. See readme for instructions.

Since alternate grass mods like Ali's Flower Grass are popular, I created my grass as a separate mod in its own folder, called StarblueValleyGrass. This makes it easy for players to delete the folder or disable my grass file if they want to use someone else's replacement.

SBV is not compatible with the festival or desert sprites from Slightly Cuter Character Sprites at this time. Sorry!

For the optional waterfall map download, you'll need the [season]_extrasTileSheet.xnb files installed. See those mods and my readme for instructions on using this pack with custom maps.

Terms of Use
Feel free to edit these maps for personal use, no need to check to with me first. Do not upload these anywhere else without my explicit permission.

Pathoschild and f4iTh/JertsukkaTheMan for SMAPI and Content Patcher. SchrodingersKit for the beautiful Sunset colorway from the Tub O' Flowers Color Variety mod. Maleha for their version of the waterfall mod. Illuzio, whose Natural Color Reshade helped me get the saturation levels for winter and fresh water right,  Eemie, whose now-outdated Recolored Maps inspired my spring and summer recolors, and LavenderLight's A Toned Down Stardew Valley, whose less saturated town recolors inspired mine (I recommend their warmer interior tilesheets with this mod, unless I get around to redoing those sheets myself). The unsung heroes whose farms were used in my preview pics (all downloaded from

Mods Used in Photos
Fruit Trees: Blossom Trees
Barn Animals: Elle's Barn Animal Replacements
Coop Animals: Elle's Coop Animal Replacements
Butterflies/Critters: Elle's Critter Replacements
Horse: Elle's Horse Replacements v2
Mushroom Trees: allanbachti's Mushroom Trees Retextured
Iron Fences: Rue's Iron Cemetery Fences
Hardwood Fences: personal recolor
Farm Buildings: magimatica's Hudson Valley Buildings in Rhinebeck, Endohare's Seasonal Grandfather Clock, and the Winery/Brewery Slime Hutch mod, personal recolors
Obelisks: from Elle's Seasonal Building Replacements
Junimo Huts: Elle's Junimo Huts v2, personal recolor
Crafting Machines/Lighting: mine, WIP
Seasonal Floors: mine, WIP

Future Projects
  • a recolor of many of the craftables in my neutral wood tones, potentially with multiple hardware finishes
  • seasonal flooring with brand new crystal floors
  • crystal paths made from the in-game opals because why not
  • fences, maybe