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Changes the colors of the game to make them more natural.

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Works with last update of Stardew Valley!

A HUGE thank you to all those who downloaded my mod and offered me the 2600 Endorsements, you give me the motivation to keep improving Natural Color!


This mod changes the colors of the game to make them more natural. It uses a system that changes colors directly on the screen, which allows a HUGE compatibility with all mods and versions of Stardew Valley, it's simple I don't know any mod that is in conflict with it (except another ReShade).

The improvements are:
- The paths are less yellow
- Cherry trees are more pink
- Deeper blue water
- The night is darker
- More uniform contrast
- More vivid light
- And many other improvements...
And as a bonus a small Tilt-Shift and Chromatic Aberration effect to give a little depth!


1. Uninstall the old version of Natural Color if you already have it installed (See "Options Menu" below for more details on how to do this).

2. Place the contents of "Natural" in the root of the game (not in the Mods folder!):
- GOG: C:\GOG Games\Stardew Valley
- Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley

3. Start Stardew Valley with Natural Color by clicking on "Natural Color - Launcher.bat", you will see the new colors on your game screen!

If there is no change, it means that the injection of Natural Color in Stardew Valley has failed, in this case you have to change the injection method (See "Options Menu" below for more details on how to do this).


To change the options of Natural Color start "Natural Color - Options.bat" and enter the number of the desired option.

[1] Start Stardew Valley.
This option allows you to start Stardew Valley with Natural Color,. You can also start the game automatically with Natural Color by clicking on "Natural Color - Launcher.bat".

[2] Custom Natural Color.
This option allows you to customize the appearance of Natural Color, you can choose between the old and the new color and choose to enable or disable the Tilt-Shift/Chromatic Aberration effect.

[3] Change Natural Color injection method. (Currently on method X)
This option allows you to change the injection method, if the method 1 (default) doesn't work you can change it up to the method 7, if none of them worked unfortunately I can't help you...

[4] Delete Natural Color.
Complete uninstallation of Natural Color, everything is deleted except the "Screenshots" folder.

[5] Go to the Nexus page.
Open this page.

[6] Exit
Exit the menu.


- F3: Enable/disable the Tilt-Shift effect, it is disabled at startup (F3 is the default key, it can be customized with "Natural Color - Options.bat").
- F4: Enable/disable the HUD (Vanilla functionality).
- Print Screen: Takes a picture (The picture is placed in the root in the "Screenshots" folder).
- Scroll Lock: Enable/disable all effects.
- Home (↖): Pops up the ReShade window (Use ONLY if you know well ReShade).


Start "Natural Color - Options.bat" and select the option "[5] Delete Natural Color." and all Natural Color files will be deleted (except the "Screenshots" folder).

With each new update, uninstall Natural Color (see above) to remove the old version of the mod, once the cleaning finished, drop the new version in the root of Stardew Valley.

If you have a small configuration or if Natural Color significantly reduces the performance of your game, start "Natural Color - Options.bat" and select the option "[3] Custom Natural Color." choose the color of your choice, then choose "Color only" for disable the Tilt-Shift effect.

- Works with all versions of Stardew Valley.
- SMAPI is not required and is compatible.
- Multiplayer compatible (Natural Color will only work on your screen).
- Compatible with all mods that replace textures.
- Completely safe, it does not touch your save!

Other informations:
- All colors are changed including that of your character.
- The yellow color will appear almost white.
- The Tilt-Shift effect also works on the menu screens and can consume a bit of performance for small configurations.
- Reshade only works on Windows, not on Mac, Linux, Android or iOS.

Thanks to Eric Barone for this beautiful game!
Thanks to Crosire for ReShade.
Thanks to Fdiskyou for the new injector method.
Thanks to Yunage for this solution.

(English is not my language, all that is written is done with Google Translate, which is difficult, it is for this reason that I do not answer all the messages)