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New and improved (I hope!) coop animal replacements for Content Patcher. Also includes skins for Adopt n' Skin.

Permissions and credits

- Several different skins for each coop animal to choose from!
      - 22 skins for all chicken types
      - 7 skins for ducks
      - 26 skins for rabbits
      - 6 skins for dinosaurs
- Replacement of the icons in Marnie's shop
- Replacements for rabbit feet and duck feathers (change with your Rabbit and Duck configs)
- The ability to disable any animal replacement in the config.json for compatibility with other mods

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
3. Extract into your \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.
4. Run the game through SMAPI to generate a config.json, then close.
5. Open the config.json and use the images in the References folder to change each animal to the texture name you prefer! To disable a retexture, change its value to "False"
6. Run the game using SMAPI!

To uninstall, just delete the folder you put in your Mods directory.

Optional: I have also included an optional folder of skins for use with the Adopt 'n Skin mod! This will let you use more variants of animals on your farm, including cats and dogs. Note that if you use A&S, you should only use the skins, not the main download.

To use, extract the skins folder into Adopt 'n Skin's assets folder and merge it. I have included all skins shown here; simply delete the ones you don't want to use! The chicken skins are separated by model instead of all being included for every chicken type.

1.1.5 - Fixed some rabbit sprites
1.1.4 - Added optional rabbit foot and duck feather replacements (enabled by default, change with your Rabbit and Duck configs)
          - Updated dinosaur sleeping sprites to be cuter
          - Changed solid white variants to be whiter. Old "white" is now called "cream"
          - Renamed some chicken sprites
          - Made reference images a bit clearer
1.1.1 - Updated duck/baby chicken sprites for 1.5
          - Added "Golden" as an option for all chickens, replaces new Golden Chicken by default
          - Made sure all sprites sleep at night
          - Small change to duck bills
1.1.2 - Fixed an issue with the content.json
1.1.1 - Added the ability to disable any animal retexture by changing its config to "False"
          - Added the ability to change any chicken type to any chicken texture (ie white chickens can now use blue or void chicken textures, etc)
1.1.0 - Added lop-eared rabbits!
          - Added a blue and purple option for blue chickens (like in my older coop replacement mod) by request
          - Added a purple void chicken option
          - Changed a small bit of the baby rabbit sprites
          - Replaced the animal icons in Marnie's shop menu. This will not change based on your options. (Optional, enabled by default)
          - Removed the nested folders options
1.0.0 (Unversioned change) - Fix for our lil bunny friend's tail. It was hurt tragically in an incident on the farm, but surgery was quick and painless.

- New Barn Animals
- New Horses