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A grandfather clock to replace a giant gold clock on your farm! Includes a seasonal version for Seasonal Immersion mod and non-seasonal for those who don't use SMAPI.

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UPDATE(15/1/2018): Add a new design that matches with the Hudson Valley Buildings - Garrison, as requested. 
UPDATE(16/1/2018): Add 3 more designs - Stonybrook, Nantucket, Saratoga

Seasonal (+Non-Seasonal) Grandfather Clock (Gold Clock Replacement)

I’m using the strikingly beautiful Hudson Valley Buildings by Magimatica, but unfortunately it doesn’t include the gold clock which looks out of place compared to the rest of the buildings. So I look up for a replacement and I found Harzelora’s Monteso's Outhouse Recolor which is a perfect fit, but there’s one problem. If you replace the gold clock with anything, the clock hands from the gold clock are still appearing and the only way to remove it is to erase it from the cursor file but that will affect the community center’s clock too. So I turn it into a grandfather clock to make it fits with the clock hands position and at the same time add the seasonal design that matches with the rest of Hudson Valley Buildings.

*The seasonal version requires SMAPI with the Seasonal Immersion mods installed.
(You can find out more about them here > SMAPI /  Seasonal Immersion)
*For those who don’t use SMAPI you can download the non-seasonal version in the optional section.

Installation Guide:

1.) Extract the zip file
2.) Copy and place “Gold Clock.png” of each seasons into the designated folders of the same name in  Mods\SeasonalImmersion\ContentPack located in your main game folder.
3.) (optional) If you don't mind replacing the xnb file and want the preview in the Wizard Tower to change to the grandfather clock too then follow the non-seasonal step below.

Recommended Content Pack:
Hudson Valley Buildings by Magimatica

1.) Extract the zip file
2.) Copy and paste “Gold Clock.xnb” into Content\Buildings located in your main game folder
(**This will overwrite the original file so don’t forget to back up your original file first.**)


This mod wouldn't be possible without these awesome authors and their mods,
please go support them by endorsing their mods or donating to them if you can!

*All assets used in this mod have been granted permission by its authors*