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Provides 101 different retextures to replace your dog with! Also includes skins for Adopt 'n Skin/More Animals.

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- 101 dog skins to choose from
- Ability to configure a different skin for the 3 dog textures
- Optional collars in 20 colors which can be different for each of the 3 dogs
- Replacement of the dog head icons in the menu (which change based on your skin choices)

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
3. Extract into your \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.
4. Run the game through SMAPI to generate a config.json, then close.
5. Open the config.json with a program like Notepad and use the images in the References folder to change your dogs/collars to the textures/colors you prefer. Collars or skins are disabled with the value "False"
6. Run the game using SMAPI to play with your new retexture!

Each pair of options in the config.json refers to the 3 vanilla dog textures available when you create a character or use the Shrine of Illusions. They replace the following:

Dog 1:

Dog 2:

Dog 3:

The collar options are set to "False" by default. To enable them, replace "False" with the color you want! All texture replacements are enabled by default, but can also be disabled with the value "False" to keep any of the vanilla dogs you want. Names for each dog texture and collar color can be found in the images in the included References folder.

To uninstall, just delete the folder you put in your Mods directory.

Optional: I have also included an optional folder of skins for use with the Adopt 'n Skin mod! This will let you use more variants of cats and dogs on your farm. Note that if you use A&S, you should only use the skins, not the main download.

To use, extract the skins folder into Adopt 'n Skin's assets folder and merge it. I have included all skins shown here; simply delete the ones you don't want to use! They are named Dog_1 through Dog_101, so if you already have skins in your folder you want to keep, you will need to do some renaming.

This mod is also compatible with the Cats and Dogs mod if you want to have more pets on your farm.

1.1.1 - Fix for collars on dog 2 and 3 when set to a Corgi, Dachshund, or French Bulldog
1.1.0 - Updated for SDV v1.4, now allows 3 separate skin choices for the 3 dog textures
         - Added optional collars in 20 colors (enabled per texture)
         - Added a new dog skin called Vanilla, uses vanilla dog colors
1.0.1 - Added dog heads to the Cursors tilesheet so your dog shows up in the menu! (Optional, enabled by default)
         - Fixed and shortened the dachshund's name in the config/images (DachsBlack, DachsBlonde, etc)
         - Fixed a small error in the shiba inu sit animation
         - Fixed a spelling error in the content.json for the brown spotted dalmation

- Cat Replacements
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New Coop Animals
New Horses
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