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Hudson Valley Buildings for Content Patcher - now updated for SDV 1.6

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I grew up in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York, and I made these buildings to make Stardew Valley feel like home.
This started out as Hudson Valley Farmhouses way back in 2017. Thanks for taking this journey with me :)
This mod was powered by lots and lots of coffee. Consider buying me a coffee?

Update 05/13/24: Hello! Happy 1.6! I'm glad the Slime Hutch is smaller now, but RIP my beautiful Fort Ticonderoga 😢 My new little one is cute too, though! I haven't done the new cabins yet, hopefully the existing ones tide you guys over for now :P Everything else seems to be working ok with the update so far, but I'll keep an eye on it!

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Having trouble?
  • If you are using Vortex, make sure that the installed mod is the latest version, and that it is not disabled. 
  • Check your SMAPI window, there may be an error message that will give you a clue what is happening!
  • If you have edited the config.json file directly, check and make sure you have not made a typo!
  • Try uninstalling the mod and reinstalling it.
  • Check that you don't have more than one mod modifying the Buildings files.
  • Try turning off all other mods except this one and its dependencies. If it works by itself, try adding mods back in one by one until you find
    the conflict.

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