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a redo/recolor of various objects, including crops, tools, and weapons.

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what started as wanting to edit a few objects on the springobjects tile sheet has spiraled into this: Peachy Objects. i like the simple charm of the vanilla art, so this is more focused on changing colors and slight shading alterations. with some entirely new art.
this mod replaces many things on said tilesheet, as well as all the tools and a few weapons. also all of the crop's grow states and some monsters (in order to match).


here is the current rundown of this mod:
  • replaces a lot (but not all) of the items in the springobjects tile sheet.
  • replaces all crops growth states.
  • replaces certain monsters to match my object edits. (false magma cap, iridium crab, dangerous lava crab, and stick bug)
  • replaces all tools.
  • replaces a select few weapons. (the rusty sword, galaxy set, and the scythes)
  • replaces the star quality indicator on items with colors matching my edits.


what's configurable?
  • the trellis color for the crops: brown, dark, white, or light (default: brown)
  • iridium's color scheme: purple, pale, pink, or black (default: purple) (note: the black color is inspired by 6480's Oil iridium recolor)
you can quickly disable some features entirely by setting them to false:
  • all tools
  • all weapons
  • all rings
  • all crop growth stages (how they appear planted and growing in your fields)
  • all monster edits
  • all changes to the overworld (this includes branches, rocks, stumps, weeds, etc; useful if you are using a map recolor that touches these things as well)
  • all changes to the mine (this includes ore nodes, weeds only found in the mine, etc)

if there are other things you don't want changed, you can delete their corresponding images from the assets/Objects, assets/Tools, or assets/Weapons folders. this will not break anything and will simply stop those objects from being changed by this mod. this will also affect any related changes for an item. for example, if you choose to delete the pufferfish from the assets/Objects folder, then the pufferfish's aquarium sprite will be unchanged by this mod as well. another example, if you choose to delete the iridium node from the assets/Objects folder (or set Mine to false in the config) then the iridium crab will be unchanged by this mod.
you may also delete the Cursors_qualitystars_(your chosen iridium color) images from the main assets folder if you do not wish for these to be changed.
there is another folder in the assets/Objects folder named "Older Versions". these are past/alternate versions that i changed drastically enough that i left them as an option if anyone preferred them. in order to use any of these versions instead of the newest ones, simply copy the corresponding image into the main assets/Objects folder and allow it to overwrite.

as of version 2.1 i have made compatibility for the following mods:
these can be downloaded in the optional files section. you will obviously need the named mods to do anything.
if you have a (simple) compatibility request i will be happy to take it; i just don't personally use any other mods that would benefit from additional compatibility so i wouldn't know what to make.


check the pinned post in the posts section for a detailed changelog! okay thank you!