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a redo/recolor of various objects, including crops and tools. now with weapons!

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these are just my edits of some of the various items. at the moment it has some random springobjects edits, a full crops edit (except rice), and a full tools edit (except the copper pan).
there are now three options for the crop trellis colors - a dark color to match yellog's wood fences, and a white color to match ali's picket fence, and a new brown color to sort of match eemie's wood fence.
i have also added three options for the iridium color - the initial pink color, a more standard purple, and a iridescent pale color i just thought looked nice.
these can be selected in the config file; it defaults to brown trellis and purple iridium.

I also included the png containing only my edits, if you know how to merge files yourself. otherwise this will just overwrite all springobjects, crops, and tools because i was too lazy to get coordinates for every little sprite, sorry! but this file is not necessary (springobjectsedits) so you can delete it if you want.

this is my first time making a content patcher mod so please let me know if i've messed something up!
also if there was a less dumb way to replace the iridium/trellis sprites on the springobjects sheet i'd love to know...

update: in version 1.2, besides adding several new springobjects edits, the galaxy weapons and scythes have been redone! the galaxy weapons follow the iridium color scheme.