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Animate 41 gemstones and crystals while making them more sharp looking.
New: Animated Geodes and GemNodes!
New: Ingots and mineralNodes!
And the rest of the minerals with the same style as static ones. New: Static Ores
New: Ginger Island 1.5.0 items!

Permissions and credits
Animated Gemstones 1.1.7!

Version 1.1.7
GingerIsland and 1.5.0 compatible items
-Radioactive ore / Ingot - Static
-Cindershard and Cindershard nodes - Animated
-OmniGeodeNode for Volcano area - Animated
-Mudnode - Static
-Matching skin for a dangerous monster disguised a node.

This 1.1 version contain 41 animations of Gemstones and Crystals.
-Animated Geodes and GemNodes
-Added the rest of the minerals as static ones with the same style. 
-Static Ores -
-Ingots and mineralNodes!
-Gemmed and Mystic Nodes. Animated
(Animated gifs on the images.)
New!: Matching skin for a monster in the mines. 1.1.4

Changes on 1.1.5 New!
-Clean file structure! (Delete old versionĀ“s folder)
-Ice Mine Crystals
-Missing Celestine mineral

Added the 3 special GeodeNodes that appear in the Mining and 4 corners Farm-Maps.  New in 1.1.3

Each one can be turned on and off via Config file inside this mod folder when you launch the game at least once.

Example : 

"Diamond" : "true"
"Emerald" : "false"

In this example you will have an animated Diamond while the Emerald will stay vanilla or Edited by another mod.

Drop this file contents inside your mods folder in your SDV directory

Then or before  be sure to have these 3 mods installed :

Content Patcher
Content Patcher Animations **********

New Version on Nexus Now!  -linked on requirements


If an object is flickering,  its because 2 mods are targeting the same tile/sprite.
Example : 
The primatic Shard Test on CP-Animations
And the prismatic Shard in this mod.

Fix: Remove/disable one  (it might be patched on new version on Nexus)

Know Conflict for "SpriteMaster" Mod.    (Know by both tool makers).  !!!
Conflict : Flickering images

Troubleshooting 2 :
IN 1.1.3 :
-I am adding an extra optional file with the Config file generated by 1.1.3
This is because it seems there is an issue of the Config file not generated when used with a mod manager.


1.1.3 : I think this cover All the Minerals and Gems. So no more plans for now.

1.1.2  Planning on adding   // DONE //
-Mineral nodes.
-Mining Farm Geode-Nodes
-And other mineral related items.

If you liked this mod and want to see the other minerals animated, just let me know.
There are still some minerals like the marble and mud left unchanged, i have a hard time thinking how to animate those.
In a future update would like to animate the Gemmed stones in the mines/caves and maybe the geodes. Would love your opinion. 
Static versions of remaining minerals  -Done
Working on the geodes/ores and ore/gem-veins as animated versions

Happy mining!