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This mod adds 50 types of pizza to the game, using vanilla ingredients, all of which have gift tastes for vanilla characters. Each villager has at least one pizza they love. It also adds "Pizza Base", an item I created, to act as a base for most of the pizzas.
Please download the newest version for the mod to work.

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  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
In order to take full advantage of this mod, befriending the villagers is a must, although I recommend befriending Gus as soon as possible.

This is my very first mod, so if you have issues, feel free to tell me about them. I tested it, so it should be fine. I have not tested it with other mods except the required mods, so it may be incompatible with some. Let me know about any issues. I also did all of my artwork myself, using the vanilla sprites for a base.

Please do not reupload my mod anywhere else or use my artwork, you can use my artwork if you are doing a translation and ask me first, but no editing my mod beyond the translation please.

All of the recipes are sent by mail, when you reach certain heart levels with npcs. Now requires Mail Framework Mod.

I added a readme that list the recipes and the ingredients required to make them, it has been updated to reflect the recipe tweaks.
Added screenshots showing the pizza sprites.