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A collection for General Stores Cloud Storage mod. Featuring player home add-ons made by Draco1122.

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My Collection of player home add-ons for General Stores Cloud storage mod by Harvey2112 convert and updated by me. Needed a place to post all these files without cluttering up General Stores files page. Later will look into a auto detect installer.

All esp flagged as esl.

Player Home patches available.
Jk's Riverfalls Cottage
Severin Manor (A overhaul by Absorbed)
Creation Club - Goldenhills Plantation
Skystone Castle
Dragonfall Castle
TNF Hjerim
TNF Honeyside 
Legacy of Dragonborn
Lakeview as it should be. (Alt version for Hearthfire requires Hearthfire addon from optional files from General Stores).
Knights Rest
Redoran Grove
Creation Club - Shadowfoot Sanctum 
Base Game Thieves Guild - Just adds master chests for access.
Thieves Guild Overhaul edition - For use with Opulent Thieves GuildGGs Thieves Guild HeadquartersJKs The Ragged Flagon, Opulent Patches, and GGs Patches.
Snow Elf Hut
Anna's Vlindrel Hall
Combo Version requires these - Skyhaven Temple Interior Overhaul, Jk's Skyrim, Skyhaven Temple Gardens
Staff of Shalidor
Creation Club - Hendraheim
Eli's Beginners Riverwood Shack

Coming Soon. WIP
Proudspire Inventor Spire with patch
Rest of Creation club homes
Jk's The Winking Skeever

WIP longer wait as I do currently use in load order.
Jk's Skyhaven patch per request
Adventurers Basement per friend request.

Many More homes currently in my load order as I play and buy homes will add General Stores patches.

Descriptions WIP adding Links and images later.