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A lavish, gaudy overhaul of the Thieves Guild HQ and the Ragged Flagon. Occurs gradually, attached to the four stages of upgrades existing in vanilla Skyrim.

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Get the Russian translation here, kindly done by Korifey with permission.
Get the French translation here, kindly done with permission by Astree.

This mod overhauls the Thieves Guild and Ragged Flagon. It works with the built in TG update system that adds visual improvements as you complete certain quests. Changes happen naturally as you progress. I felt that the vanilla improvements were hardly noticeable and did not represent a growing, successful guild. Now you can clearly watch the guild grow and become more wealthy.

Kevin843 has kindly updated this mod to correct the mesh/texture issues that were present on release. 

- Wealthy and lavish Ragged Flagon and Thieves Guild HQ
- Baseline improvements for immersion (clothes and armor are stocked, way more alcohol, sensible storage...)
- Opulence occurs naturally with the four special reputation quests
- Lighting templates and music types adjusted
- Four new thieves join, one per reputation quest
- Syndus becomes a misc. vendor rather than a second armorer (really Bethesda?)
- More thieves guild members will spend time in the Ragged Flagon
- Provides the tacky, luxurious, Barbie dream house your thief deserves

If you want to take a look at this in your own game, you can use 
the following console commands (on a new save, not one you will 
keep) to fully upgrade the guild & Flagon: "setstage TGTQ01 200
"setstage TGTQ02 200" "setstage TGTQ03 200" "setstage TGTQ04 200"

Not compatible with other mods that overhaul the Ragged Flagon or Thieves Guild HQ. NPC and armor editing mods are fine. When in doubt, put this low on the load order.

Ethereal Elven Overhaul Patch

Mid-save install should be fine. My changes are attached to the vanilla improvement system so it will work no matter what point you are at in the quests. Removing this mid-save is probably fine.