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Lose yourself in lush, densely populated forests, blessed by high-performance FPS-friendly meshes and textures, with maximum compatibility and many options to choose from

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  • German

  • Fabled Forests fills the world with 45,000 tree alterations and placements from the combined placements of the amazing mods Traverse the Ulvenwald and Nature of the Wild Lands. No region is left untouched (except some of the tundra)!
  • It replaces all trees in game with assets from Happy Little Trees, except they're moody teenagers now.
  • The installer comes your choice of 2 performance variants: 2K and 1K textures.
  • The trees have random size distribution, with your pick of the following three mod flavours:
Fabled Forests (Author's Choice)
Tall, lush, dense forests to get lost in. The sunlight shines through the canopies creating magnificent rays of light.

Fabled Forests of Mythic Proportions
Even taller, more lush forests that block the sun and create an inescapable labyrinth. Keep your sword and torch handy!
Fabled Forests of Vanilla Proportions
All the tree placements, but with sizes closer to vanilla. For those who prefer a more classic feel.

(Thanks to AkilTheAwesome for the excellent idea)

  • Fully compatible with tree texture packs that are compatible with Happy Little Trees.
  • I will not support compatibility with mods that that add or modify vanilla trees.
  • Out of the box, esp-less, compatibility with the following popular mods:
  • Alternate Start, Ancient Lands, Auri Song of the Green, Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul, Convenient Carriages, Cities of the North Falkreath, Great City of Falkreath, Great City of Solitude, Immersive Citizen, JK's Skyrim, JK's Whiterun Outskirts, Mirele Bismath Reborn, Northern Roads, Pilgrim, Redbag's Falkreath, Redbag's Morthal, Ryn's Standing Stones, Ryn's Whiterun City Limits, and much much more!
  • Use the included Universal Compatibility Selector to make this mod compatible with almost everything else!

  • Here are some wonderful community creations that are compatible with Fabled Forests:
Unofficial Fabled Forests Patch Compendium
Compatibility patches for many mod that I didn't have time to cover in Fabled Forests, courtesy of aglowinthefield.

Skyland Happy Little Trees Bark
Adds beautiful high resolution textures to all the trees in Fabled Forests.
As I have a more powerful video card, this mod is a must for me!

Fabled Forests - Exclude Morthal Marsh
A patch that removes all changes to the Morthal Marshes for those who want to use other tree mods in the area.
It comes with other fun options and additions as well as well!

Basic Lod for Fabled Forests
Pre-generated LODs for those who don't have any mods that alter their landscapes.
This allows you to see Fabled Forests at a distance, without the hassle of running DynDoLOD.

Fabled Forests - Ivy on Trees
Does exactly what the name says! Randomly adds ivy on many trees for additional diversity.

  • Install the mod using your mod manager of choice.
  • LOD generation is optional, but should be generated using DynDoLOD 3 for maximum enjoyments.
  • Performance LOD assets can be used instead of the included Quality LOD assets. These can be downloaded from Happy Little Trees Add-On - DynDOLOD 3.