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Adds visually distinct Summer, Autumn, and Spring seasons for Seasons of Skyrim SKSE.

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Turn of the Seasons is a mod that hopes to utilize the new Seasons of Skyrim SKSE framework to implement a full set of visually distinct seasons to the game while staying true to Skyrim's aesthetics.

The changes have been made to feel natural and not to overdo the seasonal variations. It still feels like Skyrim, but now you get to experience it's beautiful environment as it transforms around you while playing!


Midyear | Sun's Height | Last Seed

Skyrim begins in the very last days of Summer, for the first 15 days of your playthrough you will be able to experience the season. Great care was put into this season as it will be the first one the Player will see. It is distinctly warmer and more vibrant than Skyrim's classic Autumn setting.

  • Trees and other foliage in the Rift is a mix of green and yellow.
  • The grass in the Rift is a vibrant green.
  • Trees in the Reach are covered in deep green leaves.
  • Northern grass is more vibrant and thawed ground reveals hints of more grass underneath the snow.
  • The Whiterun tundra is completely void of snow (same as Vanilla).

The yellow and green flora of Summer in the Rift.

Deep green leaves in the Reach.


Hearthfire | Frostfall | Sun's Dusk

The majority of the game is set in the Autumn months, so much of Skyrim is already suited for this season. However, a few changes to make the season feel more present across the province.

  • Dustings of snow can be seen across the Whiterun tundra.
  • The trees in the Reach now sport brown Autumn leaves.
  • Trees in the Rift adopt their iconic orange coloring (same as Vanilla).

Snow dusting in the tundra.

Autumn leaves in the Reach.


Evening Star | Morning Star | Sun's Dawn

Seasons of Skyrim already includes a robust Winter season; pair it with ws's Shrubs of Snow and it looks truly breathtaking. Regardless, a few changes have been made to the season for some added flair.

  • The Whiterun tundra is now completely covered by a thick layer of snow.
  • Lakes and rivers across Skyrim can be found frozen over in certain places (Optional).
  • Trees in the Rift are dead and leafless.
  • Trees in the Reach are dead and leafless (same as Vanilla).

The foggy forests of a dead Rift.

The White River frozen over in the Winter.


First Seed | Rain's Hand | Second Seed

After Skyrim's harsh winter comes a welcome Spring that is full of life. The province is much greener than normal as plants begin to bloom. While being similar to Summer the Spring season still has a unique identity.

  • Trees and other foliage in the Rift are all a solid green.
  • The grass in the Rift is a vibrant green.
  • Trees in the Reach are covered in deep green leaves.
  • Northern grass is more vibrant and thawed ground reveals hints of more grass underneath the snow.
  • Dustings of snow can be seen across the Whiterun tundra.

Vibrant green trees in the Rift.

Seasonal thaw in the north.

Winter Fixes

Turn of the Seasons also includes several mesh fixes for the base Winter season from Seasons of Skyrim. Hopefully the presence of hard seams between textures should be mitigated.

Seams begone!

Wyrmstooth Integration

Additionally, this mod has built-in support for Wyrmstooth, ensuring that you can experience all of Skyrim's seasons on everyone's favorite island to the north!

Winter has come to Stonehollow.

Recommended Mods

Base Seasons of Skyrim didn't create winter variants for a lot of assets, so when winter hits much of the foliage is still bright vibrant colors. Shrubs of Snow addresses this by creating Winter variants for all of these missed plants; it is basically essential in order to experience the Winter season as intended.

Turn of the Seasons only effects how the world looks around you, it does not edit weather in any way. It is recommended you pair this mod with a seasonal weather mod such as Obsidian Weathers and Seasons. The seasonal weather should begin and end in the proper months,

If you are a fan of survival experiences then consider Survival Mode Improved or SunHelm Survival and Needs. Both of these mods offer rich survival gameplay with seasonal mechanics. As the seasons change around you the temperature should change along with it.

Jelidity's unnamed landscape tweaks mod features the Enhanced Landscapes Grass - Near Vanilla Mix module that works great alongside Turn of the Seasons. Grass will appear consistent across seasons and you shouldn't have any weirdness that occasionally occurs with other grass mods.

Turn of the Seasons should work fine with any tree or plant replacers. However, if you have Reach tree or aspen tree replacers they will only be active for the Autumn season. During the other seasons the replacer will be changed to our own custom seasonal variant of those trees and our seasonal variant is based on the Vanilla asset. The same thing applies to a few bits of miscellaneous foliage like certain types of shrubs and ferns.

Other environmental mods that edit landscape textures and groundcover should work fine with this mod since we only use Vanilla forms for these things.

Creation of special consistency patches for new landscape assets or remeshed trees should not be expected. Patches like these require a whole host of new assets to be made and permissions to be obtained before they can be created. Any patches we do provide for mods like these should be considered the exception, not the rule.

Weather is completely unedited by Turn of the Seasons. It is outside the scope of the project, this mod is focused purely on the visual environment.

No worldspace edits were made in the base plugin. On the other hand the Icy Waterways addon makes several minor worldspace edits.