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A safe haven for rogues and sneakthieves nestled along the Riften canal. Family and companions welcome.

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  • Turkish

Canalside Bunker is...well, just what it sounds like! A bunker alongside a canal, fit for all manner of sneakthieves and rogues. It's in Riften just across from Elgrim's Elixirs. There is room for 2 children and 3 companions, as well as your spouse and the family pet mudcrab. The bunker provides a safe haven for your Dovahkiin to relax, unwind, hoard and display the things you stole collected, and make a scrumptious supper. 

  • Named cloud storage
  • Treasure displaus (dragon priest masks, claws, thieves, guild, daedric, etc.)
  • 2 child beds
  • 3 companion beds
  • All crafting stations except smelter and HF oven
  • Custom shelving to display potions
  • Fully navmeshed
  • Purchasable key

If you would like to preview the home easily, type "coc canalsidebunker" on the main menu in the console (open with ~ key). Be warned some displays/weapon racks may be broken because the game doesn't like when you do this. 

Questions and Answers
1. Where is the home?
The home is located in Riften across from Elgrim's Elixirs.

2. How do I move in?
Purchase the key from Pawned Prawn. Price will vary based on your other mods/game settings.

3. Is it follower/family friendly?
Yes, however you'll need a mod like Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions to move in your spouse and children. To move in followers use something like My Home is Your Home. Some follower mods inherently include setting their home base. There are many idles for your NPCs to use so they shouldn't be bored. There is room for 2 children and 3 companions.

5. Why does the house look different in my game?
I have 660 active mods in Mod Organizer currently. So that's probably why. But I designed and tested the house in vanilla Skyrim first so I've ensured it works without anything else. 

The home should be compatible with anything that doesn't block the entrance. Works with JK Skyrim. It will use whatever custom meshes/textures you have, excluding the custom ones I created and some modders resources I used that have their own textures.