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A safe house in Riften to plot and scheme, display your collectibles, and take a nap.

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"Golz Nahlaas" translates literally to "Stone Alive" in the dragon language. Below Riften, near the entrance to the Ratway, you'll find an overgrown sanctuary that you may wish to use as a safe house and/or player home. 

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Golz Nahlaas features numerous displays for your collectibles, weapons, and armor. The primary purpose of the space is to show off your collectibles, but there is a cozy loft overlooking the safe house that you may choose to use as a player home if you'd like. However, it is not intended to serve as a fully featured player home and probably makes more sense as a hideout while you're travelling. There's no fireplace - buy your food in a tavern upstairs and, if you must, you can come back to your overgrown safehouse and eat there to minimize social contact. There are plates and utensils, but we both know you're just going to use your hands like an animal. 

I was inspired to make this mod after my recent update to Distinct Interiors. The homes there no longer include displays, and I don't use Legacy of the Dragonborn, so I needed some kind of small-scale stash room to show off my goodies. This does the trick!

  • Displays for dragon claws, dragon priest masks, daedric artifacts, bug jars, paragons, etc.
  • Weapon racks and plaques, 5 mannequins, weapon cases
  • Enchanting and alchemy stations
  • Fully navmeshed
  • Player-owned double bed
  • Safe storage
  • Lots of room for activities

This should be compatible with just about anything! The entrance is in Riften near the Ratway. I added a new piece of dock, so unless another mod also expands the dock or otherwise blocks the entrance, this should be fine. The interior is a totally new space.