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A cozy, enchanted player home for the magically inclined (and their family/companions).

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  • Mandarin

Welcome to Gleamblossom Hollow, an enchanted sanctuary drifting through Aetherius. This cozy, mid-sized player home has everything a magically-inclined Dovakiin (and their family/companions) might need. Study the arcane arts, dabble in alchemy, smith enchanted armor, and bake a scrumptious tart while you're at it. Plenty of room for your little wizard babies to frolic and for your followers to resign to a meaningless existence as your roommates relax and feel at home. Set down your wizard hat, make a cup of tea, and irresponsibly fire some destruction spells into the great purple yonder. 


  • Named cloud storage
  • Custom magical music
  • Treasure displays (dragon priest masks, claws, thieves guild, daedric, etc.)
  • 2 child beds
  • 3 companion beds
  • All crafting stations
  • Custom shelving for potions and bins for staves
  • Fully navmeshed
  • Teleport spell
  • Purchasable key
  • Various custom textures

If you'd like to preview the home easily, type "coc gleamblossomhollow" on the main menu in the console (open with ~ key). Be warned some displays/weapon racks may be broken because the game doesn't like when you do this.

Questions and Answers

1. Where is the home?
There is a portal located just down the path from Winterhold on your way to Saarthal. Can't miss it! 

2. How do I move in?
You have two options:
Option A: There is a note outside the entrance portal indicating where you can purchase the key (in a small pouch by the gate). The key is for sale as a regular vendor item, not a special dialogue option for maximum compatibility. Just talk to the vendor and ask what is for sale like usual. The cost varies based on your mod setup, perks, etc. It's not cheap and it isn't meant to be a starter home. 
Option B: You can find the key with the previous owner in Morvunskar near the end of the dungeon. Look for the gleamblossom! It's pretty obvious - you don't need to look very hard. There is also an image to give you an idea of what you're looking for if you're having trouble.

3. It is follower/family friendly?
Yes, however you'll need a mod like Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions to move in your spouse and children. To move in followers use something like My Home is Your Home. Some follower mods inherently include setting their home base. There are many idles for your NPCs to use so they shouldn't be bored. There is room for 2 children and 3 companions.

4. What is the Sea of Spirits Patch?
It adds a magical snow whale to the skies of Aetherius which you will occasionally glimpse from the courtyard. That's it. Yay! Requires Sea of Spirits

5. Why does the house look different in my game?
I have 814 active mods in Mod Organizer currently. So that's probably why. But I designed and tested the house in vanilla Skyrim first so I've ensured it works without anything else. 

The home should be compatible with anything that doesn't block the entrance (I don't know of another mod that does). It will use whatever custom meshes/textures you have, excluding the custom ones I created and some modders resources I used that have their own textures.