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This mod brings a new level of immersion to your Skyrim gameplay by allowing the player to voice over the dialogue lines.

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Welcome to the Dragonborn Voice Over Mod!
This mod is a framework that enables anyone to create voice packs for the player character.

Support me.
If you like my work support me on Patreon. Your support would be greatly appreciated!

Required mods:
Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE64)
Address Library for SKSE Plugins
JContainers SE
ConsoleUtilSSE NG

In depth installation guide by RichardStMary:
Dragonborn Voice Over Guide and Troubleshoot

Installation process:
Before installing this mod make sure you have installed the required mods listed above.
1. Download and install the Dragonborn Voice Over mod.
2. Download and install a Voice Pack.
3. The first time you use the mod, you will need to select a voice pack in the MCM Menu. By default, it is set to OFF.

Installation video tutorial:

Dragonborn Voice Over - Plugin Replacers 
Those files contain some patches to make the output audio of the player sound different, suggested for users using speakers

In the MCM menu, you can switch the voice pack you want to use. You can also enable localized mappings, which will make the mod work if your game's subtitles are not in English.

More Voice Packs:
You can find all voice packs in the requirements section above.

Creating your own voice pack:
You can create your own voice pack using a tool I am providing on my Discord server in the #tool-download channel.

Join my Discord server:


Special Thanks:
ayylmao3210, for helping with Papyrus scripting!