Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

10 diverse Deathbell appearances all in one game, each distributed with a 10% random chance to spawn using po3's Base Object Swapper. Based on Cathedral 3D Deathbell by DrJacopo. Optional ENB lights.

Permissions and credits
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You may have seen my Periwinkle Deathbells recently, or maybe not! But some people encouraged me to try using BOS to get more colors into the game. I bring you 10 unique Deathbell variations, each color distributed with a 10% random chance. I have put these on a new mod page, since they aren't all Periwinkle anymore and this is a very different mod now. ENB Light and non-ENB Light versions available. 

(Above photo taken by VanNuys22 using Big Hat's Silent Rudy ENB)

 Please make certain your Base Object Swapper is up to date or my mod will not work. 
For ENB Lights to work please ensure that "EnableComplexParticleLights=true" in effects section of enbseries.ini and "EnableBigRange=true" in complex particle lights section.

My pictures are all taken using PRT XII with the Next Gen Graphics add on and NAT Weather. Results may vary in other lighting environments. Please share your pictures! :)

~ Installation ~ 
1. Make sure you have the most up to date version of Base Object Swapper
2. Install this, pick your options in the FOMOD
3. Load after anything changing the "deathBell" ingredient, CACO patch available in FOMOD. If you don't load after, then the ingredient won't match the plant but the plants themselves will still work. Purely an appearance thing for the inventory item.

~ Compatibility ~
Should be compatible with everything except for mods replacing the same thing. Load after mods like Skyrim 3D Trees that contain a Deathbell ingredient to prevent the ingredient from not showing properly. CACO patch available for those that need the ingredient to match CACO stats. Other than this, if a patch is needed let me know and I might make one. If a patch does not exist you can still use this mod and let the one conflicting with it win, you will just have mismatched Deathbell inventory appearance but nothing game breaking. 

With the ENB Light version all plants have light color that matches them.

*..~ Colors ~..*

Ominous Periwinkle
Porange (idk what to call this one, purple orange kinda burgundy who knows)
Dark Blue

Thanks to DrJacopo for Cathedral 3D Deathbell, Rudy102 for particle light effect, Kasko/Koschack for ENB Light enabled Cathedral 3D Deathbell mesh that I based all new colors off of. Stormbringer for the FOMOD and helping me through learning Base Object Swapper. VanNuys22 for testing and images. And thank you to you guys for downloading :)
Special thanks to Stormbringer0508, VanNuys22 for testing and support.