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Currently here have four mods : knockdown tweak, NPC statefix, VampireCollection, and Alduin redone.

Permissions and credits
Requiem - Knockdown tweak

The knockdown system in requiem is sometimes frustrating and strange. A random sabrecat can lock you with knockdown attack, but you don't have much way too counter this. In the meanwhile, the super heavy metal robot dwemer centurion can't even make you lose balance. In this mod, most knockdown effects can be blocked now, and it makes all big enemy have knockdown ability with requiem's mass system. 

-The creatures have the knockdown ability : Dragon, Giant, Dwemer centurion, Frost atronach, Bear, Sabrecat, Troll, Giant spider, Lurker. You can defend yourself by simply blocking.
-With the level 100 perk in block, you can hold your ground against the unrelenting force shout by blocking.
-Astrid's paralyzing attack can be defended by blocking, warding, or the enchantment stamina II.
-The paralyzing attack from the perk "stunning precision" can be defended by blocking with a shield, warding, or the stamina II enchantment.

requirement : Requiem 


Requiem - npc statefix

Some npc in requiem didn't have proper perks and equipment. This mod aim to make some specific NPCs be more consistent with their story. For example, The Vaermina's acolytes said they were overwhelmed by the orcish invaders, but what you see in requiem is that the acolytes slaughter all the invaders; Redeagle is capable of killing a thousand imperial soldiers in the skyrim lore, while he is only a normal draugr boss who can barely kill ten soldiers.
It isn't a pure fix mod, but it adds some feature I want. A few custom enchanted stuffs for example .

requirement : Requiem

Feature enemy have been tweaked:



The followers are capable at:


Requiem - VampireCollection

There only have two types of vampire boss in requiem, but I want more!
This mod add Orcish vampire, Dwarven vampire and some sub-variations for each type of vampire, and they are given different spells and equipment. Also, There will no longer have ebony vampire shows up in the first quest of Dawnguard "Awakening (at Dimhollow Crypt)", so player can join the dawnguard first before defeating the demi-god ebony vampires.

Some change you may want to know :
The dawnguard quest line becomes more smooth. It will start easier, but end harder.
The chance of spawning an ebony vampire is reduced to 10% (from 25% in Requiem)
Enchantment "Fortify health II" reduces vampire/gargoyle drain by 75% (from 100% in Requiem)
Harkon battle is highly improved.

requirement : Requiem
Load order :
Requiem - Immersive Divine Blessings.esp by snbcj
Requiem - VampireCollection.esp
Requiem for the indifference.esp

Thanks to Schofida for all the scripting work.

Requiem - Alduin redone
Alduin is no longer an ideal master, but he is the true king of dragons. 

What have been changed in this mod?
-Alduin will not summon the undeads of soul cairn anymore. Instead, he will summon his ally and cultists.
-The summoning ability is given a proper CD time, which makes defensive builds have chance against him. Eliminating his minions is viable for most build.
-Alduin's shouts are more powerful than other dragons. He can also use all the fire/frost/drain shouts.
(Compatible with DCO)

requirement : Requiem