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A lightweight weather overhaul designed like an ENB

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Dolomite Weathers
by Megaloblast

Winner of Nexus Mod of the Month
Sequel to NLVA- Best Weather Mod and ENB of 2016


  • Crystal clear weathers, blue skies, clean-white clouds, fantasy sunsets, brilliant night skies, extra snowy snow-capped peaks, ominous fogs and storms, and realistic snowfall. 
  • Lightweight design - contains no scripts and only a few textures - it's essentially just an esp. Safe to install/uninstall at any time.
  • Simulates subsurface scattering by restricting bloom to skin and floral tones.  
  • Employs novel cloud layering techniques to create fluid 3D clouds. Makes use of twice as many cloud layers, setting each in motion, to create the illusion that clouds are dynamic fluids in three dimensions instead of flat textures pasted on the sky.
  • Occluding 3D snowfall and rain - physical snow flakes twirl in space and are no longer perfect spherical orbs; raindrops are now droplets, not lines. Compatible with snowflake and rain retextures.
  • Remasters vanilla thunder and rain audio - thunder and rain are louder and much more varied by increasing dB and frequency variation. 
  • Increases volumetric ray accuracy and quantity for appropriate weathers by decreasing sampling range.
  • Increases distant mountain snow and detail by setting the distant lod snow shader to white instead of dark grey. 
  • Reduces ambient light at night so that light sources actually illuminate. 
  • The Aurora Borealis illuminates the environment. 
  • Blackens night skies to emphasize the cosmos.
  • Temperature and humidity based atmospheric light scattering
          - Clean unscatterred sunlight for cold and dry weathers
          - Distant clarity for cool and dry weathers
          - Pink-shifted atmospheric lighting for icy winter sunsets
          - Red-shifted atmospheric lighting for warm or dusty sunsets
          - Blue-shifted ambient lighting for foggy and humid weathers
          - Fantasy lighting sometimes just because.

  • Uses only Vanilla weather record id's ensuring maximum compatibility. No patches for audio overhauls are required for the weathers to occur. They are only needed if you wish to keep the added region sounds of audio overhauls and the increased weather variety included in the region records of this mod. 
  • Increases weather variety - expect snowfall to occur throughout all of Skyrim. Clear weather occurs twice as often and is more varied, cloudy weather half as often. Snow and fog slightly more often, and rain about the same. Auroras occur twice as often.
  • Increases weather volatility - weathers change twice as often, so hopefully you don't get stuck in a storm all day.
  • Prolongs sunsets - giving you a whole extra hour of twilight per day. 




Let Dolomite Weathers load after and overwrite True Storms and you can also try this mod.  Might be prudent to let Dolomite load after the bashed patch, as I found that mine nullified DW's region edits. There's certainly no harm in doing so. For all other inquiries, visit for compatibility information.

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Thank you to Arindel for the solar lens flare texture (and Manga for pointing the way). Thank you to Gamwich for the cloud texture. 
Thank you to Kojak747, YourDamnation, Rudy, Mator, and Confidence_Man for the help and guidance.
Thank you to the authors of Tetrachromatic, Vivid Weathers, Dovah Naakin, and True Storms weather overhauls for their inspiration.
The rest of you can thank Doodlez for convincing me to make the mod in the first place.