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Create your own FPS-friendly and beautiful graphics setup with day of time/Int/Ext seperation - without an ENB! - New Version in the works thx to Marty McFly!

Permissions and credits

ATTENTION! Please check the below section about the POM effect shader. Thx to Marty McFly we got a new and better version of the Emboss shader that now greatly simulates Parallax Occlusion Mapping! Updating soon...

Mods used: Detailing Skyrim preset, Dynamic Display Settings, Subsurface Scattering Shader, Dynavision, Obsidian Weathers, ELFX + Enhancer, Veydosebrom Grasses, EVT, Majestic Mountains, and many more... Performance is always around 50-60 FPS everywhere (AMD FX-6300, Radeon RX480, 16 GB RAM)

No color changes, just a little bit more power to lights, but subtile though. This preset is not supposed to change the overall look, but to bring out more details on textures and objects and also provide more depth thorugh the alpha parallax and ambient occlusion shaders, while keeping the vanilla performance. To improve the overall image I suggest to use mods like Obsidian Weathers, ELFX, etc.

There are two essential mods to be used with this in addition to create a nice setup featuring daytime- and interior/exterior seperation and subsurface scattering for skins. The links and informations are shown below at the installation instructions.

Upcoming: There is a custom Reshade module available which provides seperate rendering of effects behind the UI, so DOF won't blur the inventory or other screens anymore. The same coding could be enhanced to implement more SSE specific features into Reshade - similar to ENB, but less performance hungry. That's what I'm trying next when I have some time to spare..

Current features:

  • Performance friendly
  • Bring out more details on textures, objects, etc
  • ALPHA Parallax Occlusion Mapping SIMULATING method (credits to Marty McFly)
  • Marty McFly's Ambient Obscurance
  • sharper textures
  • Daytime/Interior/Exterior detection to set different coloring, birghtness, bloom and DoF depending on time and location (DDS mod required)
  • Subsurface Scattering on skins (SSS mod required)
  • compatible with everything except Reshade presets!
  • Alternate option for better depth of field by Dynavision (I wrote a quick instruction on how to port it from Oldrim)

Please just take you 5 minutes to test it yourself! Nothing can explain it better. Screenshots quality isn't the best.. I hope you enjoy it. If you have suggestions or ideas don't wait posting it. If you like it please endorse!

If anyone wants to make some comparison screenshots, I'll post them asap. Thx

ALPHA Parallax Occlusion Mapping SIMULATION

First, it's actually an "ancient" emboss shader that really does nothing else than just calculate pixel differences in one direction and emphasises them. Thanks Marty McFly for clarification! He ported it from a Doom GLSL mod, and then someone from LL took it (obviously without permissions) and distributed it as something else (Parallax Occlusion Mapping Proof of Concept).

After I had a chat with Marty McFly he improved the Emboss shader so we now can have a much better Parallax simulation. New update coming soon..

If you want to play with its settings, set Reshade to "configuration mode" and adjust the values under "Parallax Occlusion Mapping":

  • Depth Angle Check - samples the normal map/depth info to avoid artifacts at object borders.
  • Depth cutoff - preserves object edges to prevent artifacts
  • Power - strength of the "parallax" effect
  • Offset - the pixel offset of the "parallax" pixels. This is hard to explain but it somewhat controls the pixel shift of the "parallax", some laterally, some on the Z plane.
  • Angle - controls the angle of the "parallax". I recommend sticking to 45/90/180. Adjust to your taste.

As it affects the whole image and cannot be seperated to single textures or surfaces it must be adjusted to look good at all - you can of course push the street texture to more "depth", but it will also affect everything else and will look very weird then.

I've set the values to something that I think is ok so far. Maybe you find a better setting for your taste. If someone is skilled with shader development (just the fx files actually) and thinks he could improve it, go on. Would be grreat to include an Fadeout option to limit the effect to a defined distance.

More info:

Original conversation:
LL thread about "POM" (but the same shader):


DDS - Dynamic Display Settings (with daytime-cycle, interiors/exteriors detection)

I suggest to use this with the mod Dynamic Display Settings! It is similar, but much better than IMAGINATOR. It can additionally tweak the settings seperated for day times, nights and interiors/exteriors. Give it a go, click here: DDS - DYNAMIC DISPLAY SETTINGS

SSS - Subsurface Scattering Shader

Another visual improvement to make skins look more realistic.