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These are not usual presets

Want more details and a clearer image without any changes to the rest (like colors, lights, etc)? Go ahead with the "DETAILING SKYRIM" preset.

I'm tired of trying ENBs which eat my FPS too much. So I tried to create something similar using Reshade... Try the  "RBS Cinematic Experience" preset. 'Includes all tweaks from Detailing Skyrim.


Some of you might know Vogue ENB for Fallout 4 - not to confuse with Skyrim SE version preset! On F4 this ENB brings out a lot of details, setting shadows to their correct directions, clarifying the overall image while being VERY performance friendly! Well, I couldn't find something comparable for Skyrim Special Edition yet. Also the current ENB binaries are not able to improve our SSE without eating performance in some ways - more or less. So I started experimentation with Reshade without believing that I could archieve my goal. But after about 2 weeks of playing around and some custom shader version from the Reshade forums I managed it to get exactly what I wanted - without a noticeable performance impact! I have a weaker CPU and I don't suffer a single frame! Check the features: 

  • Performance friendly
  • Bring out more details on textures, objects, etc
  • using Marty McFly's Ambient Obscurance shader to place new shadows on logical positions near smaller objects where they belong to, depending on light sources (Mainly on: faces, bodies, potions, bottles, plants, grasses, etc
  • sharpens textures
  • clarifys the overall image but no color changes
  • darkens the bright snow encoutered in sunlight (e.g. with Dolomite Weathers) - only DoF-Mod version!
  • compatible with everything except Reshade presets!
  • can be combined with any ENB that DOESN'T use Reshade! But if you like to have ENB-like features without sacrificing FPS I recommend Dolomite Weathers!

  • 3 Versions: 
  • Detailing SkySE + DoF Mod:     SkySE DoF is not a reshade effect! Read below to get a link to its Nexus page
  • Detailing SkySE + MagicDof:    Dynamic and beatyful Depth of Field from Reshade
  • Detailing SkySE: Just the default preset without any DoF

Performance is mostly the same for all 3 presets. However there could be smaller differences depending on your hardware, settings and mod setup.

Please just take you 5 minutes to test it yourself! Nothing can explain it better. Screenshots quality is too bad somehow.. I hope you enjoy it. If you have suggestions or ideas don't wait posting it. If you like it please endorse!

If anyone wants to make some comparison screenshots, I'll post them asap. Thx

RSB Cinematic Xperience

First I created an almost performance-friendly ENB preset (as possible), but I couldn't manage to get it to work without hitting performance at all. So I started creating a similar project using Reshade. So this is my attempt bringing similar effects from ENB to Reshade -which might be partly possible. I searched the web for other custom shaders and found some nice stuff. I want to balance the white scale by lowering bright pixel colors (to avoid "blinding" snow in example) while increasing light sources, so there is nothing too bright anymore but lights will shine brighter and provide a better contrast between days and nights. I'm trying to use Reshade in another way. Do you think I succeeded? I'm not able to describe my thoughts good enough in English, so check the features below - but better just try it and report back what you think about it:

  • Performance-friendly as usual
  • Includes everything from the DETAILING SKYRIM preset
  • Many tweaks for lighting effects as follows
  • Lower white scale (i.e. to avoid "blinding" snow)
  • FPS-friendly and "light-adapted" bloom
  • Environment-based ambient light
  • Spherical Tonemap shader
  • Overall color tweaks simulate a cine-style look
  • Reinhard scale shader adjustments: lights shine brighter
  • Ambient Occlusion injection to correct unrealistic looking shadows - adjusted for better performance now (compared to Detailing SkySE preset)
  • Slightly desaturated shadows for better visibility
  • FPS-friendly Texture sharpening in two ways by a combo of Lumasharpen and Unsharp Mask shaders
  • Marty McFly's Depth of Field shaders
  • Made with Dolomite Weathers + ELFX (Main + Enhancer) ! I don't know how it looks with other weather/lighting mods!

  • This is a WIP! Please provide your ideas and thoughts about it to get it more improved! Thank you!




This file doesn't cost you performance (except you're playing on a very old computer..)
Combine this with whatever ENB if you like but keep in mind that all ENBs come with a performance cost!

As this preset (the DoF Mod version) also darkens bright snow seen in sunlight (e.g. Dolomite Weathers has very bright snow on sunny weather) I'm not sure if it might provide a too dark experience with i.e. CoT. The darkening effect overall os very slight, but please provide some feedback about it so I can optimize it more better.
I'm also going to create another version more focused on colors.

For further informations about the DoF Mod and my PERFORMANCE GUIDE check my other Nexus page