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Nörsk is a brand new ENB preset, designed from scratch, with high fantasy style in mind.

Permissions and credits

Bethesda for Skyrim, Skyrim SE & Creation Kit
Boris Vorontstov for ENB Series Binaries
Marty McFly for the Advanced Depth of Field for TES Skyrim: Special Edition - with SSAO
Marty McFly for the Color studio "Lightroom" + Unsharp Mask enbeffectpostpass.fx
Joël Carrouché for the "Norse" font used in this page and on the screenshots

This ENB preset aim to bring a bit of fantasy (understand: warmer colors, deepers dark, brighter lights,etc...) into the sad, grey-ish world of Skyrim ! It is inspired by the notorious "Breeze of The Nords" or "RealVision ENB", with custom settings to fit my preferences.

To achieve the look of the screenshot, I have used more than 300 mods (including textures & weathers & lights). But to get closer to what the screenshot looks likes, you can download thoose mods :
Thoose are the main mods that could make a big difference between the screenshot and your game if you don't have one of them.

Because this is an ENB preset, and because it seems that the binaries for SkyrimSE seems to be update less, I think there is not much things to do when a preset is released. But I still have some plans for this preset :
  • Keep it update with the lastest binaries - DONE (for the moment)
  • Add support for most (or all if I can) weather mods - IN PROGRESS
  • Add different version (Understand: Image Quality - Balanced - Performance) - NOT STARTED

Does it have an impact on performance ?
On my Rig (i7-4770K, GTX1080 and 16GB RAM), with more than 300 mods loaded, it has an impact of 5 to 10 FPS in certains zones, and under certains weather types. Keep it mind that different version should come out anytime soon, so it will be usable on most Rigs. But you can also tweak it yourself to your desire ! Just don't post it as your own preset.