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More informal, hard-wearing clothing for the discerning adventurer.

Outfit for both male and female characters, built late in 2020 as an ongoing learning exercise in quarantine.

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Update: HDT-SMP Physics Patch

  • Find it in the optional files section!

  • Adds a physics-enabled skirt to the female variant of the outfit, for maximum stylish skirt-swishing during both war and peace.

Update 2: Practical Pirate v1.1

  • A side-effect of building the physics-enabled version, updates include:
    • Slightly improved mesh weighting for female variant, especially around the torso
    • Added geometry inside shoulder area for female variant to stop mysterious views out into the wider world
    • Fix for dark variant of female gauntlets showing incorrect texture set in first person view

Update 3: Practical Pirate v1.2

  • Reverted male gauntlets ground model which accidentally turned into the Toughened Traveler version in v1.1 (thanks to hatirelo for the bug report!)

Practical Pirate outfit for Skyrim SE

  • Practical and stylish outfit for both male and female characters with full weight slider support, built late in 2020 as a learning exercise in quarantine. Close to a remake of the earlier Rugged Rogue outfuts, but with lessons learned. More informal, hard-wearing clothing for the discerning adventurer.

  • Female variants based around UNP body, in case that matters, and there is an optional CBBE patch and Outfit Studio / Bodyslide files for download too.

  • Created using Marvelous Designer, Modo, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Outfit Studio. (That last one was incredibly useful for getting things into Skyrim, many thanks to everyone involved!)

Location and Crafting

  • There's a chest next to the wreck of the Brinehammer, northwest of Dawnstar. Includes outfits and a pattern book should you wish to craft new instances.


  • Use a mod manager or copy the contents of 'Data' into your Skyrim SE 'Data' folder and add 'practical_pirate.esp' to your addons list.
  • The ESP file is ESL flagged, so won't take up an extra plugin slot in Skyrim SE. In Skyrim VR, it ignores that but loads normally without problems.

Known Bugs

  • Mesh weighting isn't perfect, but should be free of the most egregious clipping etc.


  • Do anything you like with these models and textures, so long as you credit me (QuarantineCouture) for the outfit meshes and textures, and dimon99 et al for the UNP body mesh.