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Save the Dark Brotherhood for Skyrim Special edition is a mod, that adds the opportunity to save; Arnbjorn, Veezara, Festus Krex and Gabriella from the attack in “Death Incarnate” (DB10)

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“Save the Dark Brotherhood”                   
Save the Dark Brotherhood for Skyrim Special edition is a mod, that adds the opportunity to save; Arnbjorn, Veezara, Festus Krex and Gabriella from the attack in “Death Incarnate” (DB10) 
If you’re looking for a “Save the dark brotherhood” mod for LE (Legendary Edition), then here is a link for that: 
I just want to clarify, that I have not taken any scripts etc. From the mod or any kind of inspiration. I made this mod from my experience, and then it’s also by how I like it.  
  • Be available to save; Arnbjorn, Veezara, Festus Krex and Gabriella 
  • Arnbjorn and Veezara will be available as followers when they have moved to Dawnstar sanctuary. 
  • Changed some of the dialogs from the mission, so Nazir doesn’t say things like: “Everyone is dead” 
  • When the attack is over, they will move to Dawnstar sanctuary with the remaining survivors. 
  • I made a quest that priorities over the other, so in my old “Save the Dark Brotherhood” ENBS didn’t work on the characters, but by the way, I have made it the characters should now work with ENBS. 
  • When you have been inside the night mother's coffin at the end of the quest, you will see a message box if some of the members died in the attack (You'll only see it if you didn't manage to save all of the members). 

How to start: 
First, you need to make sure, that you have not completed DB10, and the Point of No Return of the mod is when you are on the bridge with Commander Maro, so make sure you have not completed that. 

I'll recommend making a save before downloading the mod

You should be available to uninstall the mod without any issues. 

If you have any questions feel free to message me.