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Veezara is alive and available as a follower after the Dark Brotherhood quest line.

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Skyrim only have one Argonian follower, Derkeethus. He is pathetic. A coward with permanent scared emotion, that flees from combat, with no perks, no spells, low base health, that report any crimes that he witness you commit, and only levels up to 30, probably the worst follower in the entire game. Not to mention the unoriginal character design, he is literally just a random ugly Argonian with a derpy name, that happens to be the only Argonian follower in vanilla Skyrim. 

Then there is Veezara, the Argonian member of the Dark Brotherhood. He is the last of the Shadowscales, Argonians born under the sign of The Shadow, trained by the Dark Brotherhood since hatching, in service to the King of Black Marsh. The Shadowscale order is no more, but he still serves as an assassin for the Dark Brotherhood. During the quest 'Bound Until Death' he helps you get away by diverting the chaos after the assassination of your target, killing hostiles until you leave Solitude. Veezara is not just the coolest Argonian in the game, he is one of the coolest characters in general. He have an awesome backstory and could have been an amazing follower, but sadly he dies during the Dark Brotherhood quest line. 

This mod fix that. You can find him in the Dawnstar Sanctuary alive and well, available as a follower, also marriageable if you wish. The mod doesn't break immersion, as it adds a small conversation (not voiced) when you approach him after the events of the quest 'Death Incarnate' that makes Veezara's existence more believable. I didn't make any changes to his appearance because there is no need, he is already a perfect badass Argonian, he is pretty much the way i would build an Argonian character. 

He is essential, got a nice set of perks suitable for a sneaky character, starts at level 20 and will level up with the player up to level 200, uses the Combat Assassin class AI, will properly dual-wield weapons and use bows. He will be in the bedroom quarters in the Dawnstar Sanctuary after the events of 'Death Incarnate' quest.

Relevant Initial Skills: 
Sneak: 61
One-Handed: 56
Archery: 43
Light Armor: 48

Initial Perks: 
Sneak: Stealth 4/5, Muffled Movement, Backstab, LightFoot, Silence. 
One-Handed: Armsman 3/5, Dual Flurry 2/2, Bladesman 1/3, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike.
Archery: Overdraw 3/5, Critical Shot 1/3.
Light Armor: Agile Defender 3/5.


This mod is a slightly edited port of http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/39046/
All credits goes to rbsdrummer that authorized me to edit and upload this mod.


Check the Change log.