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Eye meshes have applied fixes/upgrades from many modders. Males, females, khajiits, argonians, and vampires covered. Meshes have the invisibility eye glitch fix and improves reflection on all player characters except children. Argonian/Khajiit Eyes have faint glow. Vampire eyes glow more with yellow as default and red/blue optionals. Bijin inc!

Permissions and credits
Skyrim's Ultimate Eye Mods Ruhmastered SSE v1.0
Mod Contents and Credits:

Female/Female Vampire Eye Meshes from "RANs Eye Reflection Extender"  by RAN46 and tktk

Khajiit Eye Meshes from "Glowing Eyes for Khajiits"  by Borearis

Male, Male Vampire, and Argonian Eye Meshes from "Eyes Glitch Fix"  by bellwood2206

All of these meshes come from the Skyrim SSE BSA, and have been edited by Ruhadre to support the following for all player eye meshes:

- Invisibility Eye Glitch Fix applied to all
- Eye Reflection Extension from RAN46 applied to all
- Argonian Eye Meshes have the same glow from "Glowing Eyes for Khajiits"
- Blue specular color removed in favor of a white color as per HHaleyy eye mesh technique
- Double-sided meshes
- Supports one-eyed meshes for both males and females
- Uniform yellow glow for male/female vampire eye meshes to match vanilla dawnguard diffuse textures
- Optional red and blue glowing male/female vampire eye meshes for an alternative look
- Optional file to remove glow from Argonians and Khajiits for an alternative look

- NEW Optional Misc Patches support every configuration from all 3 Bijin mods and both Toccata configurations by rxkx22!
(NPCs, Wives, and Warmaidens - Because the NPCs edited by rxkx22 were created using a variety of eye meshes, the facegen mesh patches were required to make sure all edited NPCs now contain all fixes/upgrades uniformly.  With these patches, every edited NPC in the Bijin series has immunity to the eye invisibility glitch without script, has RANs extended reflection, blue specular color removed, and double sided eye meshes.  Functionality + Added Realism)

All meshes come from Skyrim SSE BSA, and have been edited by Ruhadre to carry over eye mesh techniques from the above credited authors.

All involved parties have been credited regardless, and given editing access to this mod.

Strongly Recommended Mods:  (Links only apply to Oldrim)
- Improved Eye Reflections and Cubemap  by fadingsignal

- Eye Normal Map Fix  by Mr. Dave


- llygaid Eye Improver  by zhoulia

Use iilygaid Eye Improver by itself, or use Improved Eye Reflection/Cubemap + Eye Normal Map Fix together
You can also just use the sk texture from iilygaid along with Improved Eye Reflection/Cubemap + Eye Normal Map Fix

Don't like those mods?  No problem.  Check out these great alternatives!
- Van Gogh's Eyes by Gearhog
- xrayy's HD eye normal map by xrayy
Install with your preferred method and allow the meshes to overwrite any others.
Pick a good mod for vanilla eye diffuse texture replacement, but do not overwrite the meshes from this mod or the textures from the above 2 recommended mods.

Note from Author:
I made this mod because it seems like every modder has had an answer to eye fixes, but would only apply them to certain meshes and in varying ways.  The aim of this is to streamline all of these fixes into one package, giving the downloader meshes that can really help show off those textures!  To clarify, this mod contains no textures, only meshes.

Protip for Follower Creators:
Want your follower to have these same fixes?  No problem.  Export the facegen with these meshes installed.

Mods by Ruhadre
Maxine Zombie Follower - Collaboration with Samulis
Birds of Skyrim SSE - Collaboration with steve40
Stendarr's Beacon Enhanced and Ruhmastered - Collaboration with EasierRider

Endorsements and kudos are always greatly appreciated, but make sure you share the love with the other mod authors who made this possible.

Special Note:

My edits to Bijin facegens have been mostly incorporated into Bijin AIO 2018 by Mebantiza.  The facegens over there have updated brow properties too.