Skyrim Special Edition
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My LoTD patch collection

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My LoTD patch collection

If there are any issues let me know

Check the Permission and Credits tab

I wil backport these to LE as well if I can

More are being made as you read and feel free to request patches for both LE and SE mods

These are made becuase they already have places in the building so all I need to do is change them out for the correct one in the code or make a model for it to read.
I can not place stuff in the world so I can not make stuff that does not already have a place

List of patches that are here:
Abyssal Greatsword standalone or Ebony Blade Stormfang replacers (Stormfang Version)
Blade of Woe Replacer
Bolar's Oath Blade
Dawnbreaker Reborn
Dragonbane - Replacer
Harkon Sword Replacer
Queen Freydis's Sword
Rapier - Dawnbreaker
Superb Shield of Solitude Replacer
Pandorable's Heroes of Sovngarde
Stormfang Reborn

If you want to help support me please check out my Patreon to help me keep making patches
You can find it here