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Mashanen - Repzik - dovaya

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Salt and Wind hair retextures (when applicable) of various NPC overhaul mods.

Permissions and credits
Hello! I threw these together a few months ago and I'm just now realizing there aren't any public retextures of certain mods out there yet, so I thought it couldn't hurt to share what I've done for others to use! I may add more in the future, but for now, this is all I have to offer. Feel free to suggest other mods, but I want to clarify ahead of time, that there are no promises they will be done. I tried my best to include everything I could from the Salt and Wind archives, but for some hairstyles, I just simply couldn't find the corresponding textures. ;_; If you see anything though that I missed please don't hesitate to let me know!

Assets Used

KS Hairdos 1.7 Salt and Wind
KS Hairdos 1.8 Salt and Wind
- Salt and Wind - KS Hairdos - Update
- Salt and Wind - Rough Hair for Apachii Sky Hair SE
- Vanilla hair - Salt and Wind

Mods Included

Pandorable's NPCs - alternative faces
Pandorable's Black-Briar Ladies - Maven Ingun
- Pandorable's Brelyna and Nevri (Brelyna file works with Nevri follower version as well)
- Pandorable's Dashing Defenders - Beleval Ingjard
Pandorable's Devoted Dames - Aranea Eola Senna
Pandorable's Dunmer Damsels
- Pandorable's Frea (Frea file works with Frida follower version as well)
Pandorable's Heroes of Sovngarde
Pandorable's Initiates 
Pandorable's Isobel replacer
Pandorable's Males 2
Pandorable's Marvellous Miners - Annekke Sylgja (all hair options included)
Pandorable's Milette
Pandorable's Mythos replacer
- Pandorable's Serana (all hair options included - Serana file works with Malora follower version as well)
Pandorable's Shield-Sisters - Aela Ria Njada
Pandorable's Sofia replacer (Ronja follower has her own separate version)
- Pandorable's Valerica
- Pandorable's Warrior Women - Mjoll Uthgerd Adelaisa
- Pandorable's Wicked Witches - Illia Selveni
Celyria - new and improved
- Daedra of Daggerfall - Azura
- Rosalie Follower or Serana Replacer - High Poly Head - 4K Facetint - ESL (Serana replacer has her own separate version)
- Joylie Follower or Mjoll Replacer - High Poly Head - 4k FaceTint - ESL (Mjoll replacer has her own separate version)
Kaidan 2 (works with various replacers, too, as long as they use the default hair path, such as Pandorable's Kaidan replacer)
Axarien's Kaidan NPCs
Lalup's NPCs - Creation Club
Elevated NPCs
Ugly Males of Skyrim Russian translation
- GLENMORIL - NPC Overhaul