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This mod replaces the morphs for the vanilla human and elf character creations and adds a morph for Racemenu.

Permissions and credits
I use machine translation. Please do not use slang etc for messages addressed to me, please write concise sentences.

SSE version is here

The morph file is an index for deforming the mesh and is used for character creation and facial expressions.
This mod replaces the morphs for character creation for humans and elves, and adds morphs for Racemenu, 
which improves the quality of character creation for vanilla and Racemenu.
The target races are Nord, Imperial, Breton, Redguard, Elder, High Elves, Dark Elves, Wood Elves, and Dremora.

Many morphs do not destroy the shape of the mesh even if they are 3 times stronger, 
so you can create characters while maintaining compatibility with Expressive Facial Animation.
The added Racemenu morph has a hyphenated name like "Lip-Height" and can be searched with "EFM".

This mod is for players and does not affect NPCs. 
Basically NPC faces use pre-made meshes and are not generated in real time.

Racemenu is required to use all functions, if you don't use it, please disable Expressive Facegen Morphs.esp.
The main file "Expressive Facegen Morphs" is for new characters. 
Please back up your face data (save, preset, mesh, etc.) in advance as it is not compatible with existing faces and presets.

The optional file "EFM - Racemenu Plugin" is for existing faces and presets.
This only adds a slider for the Racemenu so you don't have to worry about making backups or compatibility.

Please use mod manager to install this mod. Manual installation is not recommended.
Place the ESP under the Racemenu, this is a empty plugin to load the file into the Racemenu.
This mod is designed to work with the included meshes and morphs, so be careful with file conflicts and overwrites.

Please delete or disable it. The character's face will be regenerated with the pre-installed morphs.

Expressive Facial Animation - Female Edition
Bijin skin UNP and CBBE by rxkx22

This mod is for Racemenu and does not work with ECE.
The main file replaces the morph file, so it is not compatible with existing faces and presets.

This mod is designed to work with the included mesh and morphs and is not compatible with mods that cause file conflicts. 
This morph is for a vanilla head mesh and will not work on newly created meshes or meshes with added vertices. 
Currently there are no plans to support different meshes.

Mods that have face morph files (.tri) are either incompatible or unaffected.
Morphs exist for each mesh and the author must prepare all morphs. 
File conflicts will not occur if the files are all unique, 
but clipping will occur if they are not unique or partial replacement.

About Mesh
The mesh included with this mod is a vanilla mesh with UV maps and shader flags adjusted.
The eye mesh has no invisible bug fixes. This is because the eyes become cloudy when using Skin Specular with the latest ENB.

The rough changes of the mesh are as follows.
femalehead.nif : UV map (fix the eyes and nose)
eyesfemale.nif, etc : UV map (fix the eyelashes) , Shader Flags (double-sided) , Eye Reflection (position and size)
mouthhumanf.nif : An upgraded version of the EFA Mouse, with a vanilla mesh adjusted for the Fair Skin mouth texture.

About Makeup
Since the UV map of the face mesh has been fixed, the thin line makeup may be broken.
Please understand that it is the result of considering deformation so that it is not stretched as much as possible.

About Vampire
Vampire morph face shape changes have been removed.
Vampire tooth morphs have been added instead.
Separately, a vampire morph for Racemenu has been added.
Therefore, you do not need a mod to make the same changes.

About Race MOD
Basic morph replacements may not be compatible with race mods. See compatibility above for reasons. 
Morphs for the Racemenu will work if the mod uses a vanilla face mesh. 
If you don't see the Racemenu morph in the list, you need to register your race in Races.ini for this mod.
Data\meshes\actors\character\facegenmorphs\Expressive Facegen Morphs.esp\races.ini