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This mod changes current and horrible riften city hexagonal meshes into circular meshes

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Whenever I walk into Riften, I always wonder: why the hell are the log houses so low poly? I looked at the pole in front of the "Bee and The Barb" and noticed that it was an octagon shaped polygon. So I thought: what the hell is Bethesda doing? Why are there buildings in the city with an incredibly high number of polygons, yet these look like stop signs? Well, thanks to this mod, all that will change. The goal is to change the current, horrible Riften meshes that show as low poly into circular meshes.

But that's not all...
During my editing I noticed hundreds of errors, holes, incorrect UV maps, etc., so this a high poly mod as well as a bug fix compilation for Riften.

Being extremely lore friendly, this mod is compatible with just about anything. A patch for Flickering Meshes Fix can be found on its page (version 1.9 or newer). This mod has already incorporated the changes made by particle patch.

The mod only includes meshes, so install it as you prefer (mod manager or manually).

Brumbek  for SMIM
WiZkiD Riften and Ratway was used for the pictures