Skyrim Special Edition
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Made these since I don't use campfire. Makes it so other backpack mods can work with the dragon skull and giant head that appear on your back in JaySerpa's Headhunter when you use the AllGUD addon!

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These patches make it so that you can use modded backpacks and the Dragon skull and Giant's head will move back if you don't use the campfire version of the AllGUD patch from the Headhunter's fomod. I've only made patches for backpack mods that I use. (All patches are ESL flagged)

I did this by modifying the AllGUD + Campfire patch from Headhunter's FOMOD to use a new tag that I added in the base patch instead of the campfire backpack tag. I then removed Campfire.esm as a requirement from the patch. After that I made patches that added the new tag to backpacks I wanted to use.

- Mods Patched:

Also includes an optional download that edits the meshes of the dragon skull and giant's head with backpack so that they clip less with some backpacks. (look at images)

Also in the articles there is a hopefully good enough tutorial on how to make your own patches and a different way to patch modded backpacks if you do use campfire