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Craft basic camping gear and beartraps.

1. Drop an item to place it in front of you.
2. Activate when close to use it.
3. Grab (or activate when far away) to pick it back up.

This is not a survival mod but the campfire and cookfire should be recognized as heat sources because of the standard campfire light.

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The goal of this mod is to keep the interactions as simple as possible. There is a convenience feature allowing quick placement of the campfire and a cookpot together and dropping a tent will also place a bedroll if you have one. There are no special checks to keep items from clipping into the ground if you're standing on a slope, no special menus, no forced time delays, or other survivalist features. If you're looking for those sorts of things you want Chesko's Campfire mod which can be found at:

For simplicity the tanning rack is used to craft all of the items.

All items can be picked up by a Grab action or by activating while just within the limits of activation distance. (The distant activation method is for VR users who apparently can't grab them.)

The item names all include a small dot which keeps them at the bottom of your inventory listing.

You probably don't want to craft all of these. My personal set is just a bedroll and cookfire. That gives me a place to sleep, a source of heat and a way to cook. I generally clear out a local cave or dungeon before bedtime, but if you prefer the open air you might want a fur tent. And of course the more refined traveler may prefer a bedroll, imperial tent, cookpot, and full-sized campfire.

Version 2.0 adds a fur sitting rug and modified tent behaviors.



When dropped the beartraps will open automatically. (If they fall out of sight they will be returned to your inventory so you can try again.) They damage enemy health by 10% of the currrent value and hold the enemy in place for 1 second when triggered. They are not affected by the Lightfoot perk, but if triggered by the player, a teammate, or a friend they will only do 2% damage and hold for about 0.2 seconds.

WARNING: If you drop more than one beartrap from your inventory at a time only one trap will appear in the world and the others will be destroyed.


Just a simple usable bedroll for use anywhere you like.


A smaller version of the standard campfire with a small closed cookpot.


The open cookpot on a stand. Technically it doesn't require a fire to work.


A standard campfire which you probably don't want to use indoors. If you also have a cookpot in your inventory it will be placed with the campfire and if a cookpot is already nearby the campfire will be placed near it.


The fur rug provides a place for you to sit cross-legged. If you place some rugs around your campfire followers and other NPCs who are relaxing (AKA sandboxing) nearby may decide to sit on them.


There are two kinds of tent, fur and Imperial style. If you also have a bedroll it will be placed inside the tent automatically (and they'll both be put back when you take the tent). And if you drop a tent near an existing bedroll it will be positioned over the bedroll correctly (and then taking the tent will take both).

Activating the Imperial tent will let you sit cross-legged inside while activating the fur tent will let you lay down on your back with your arms crossed behind your head.

Followers and other NPCs can use the markers in the tent if they are relaxing (AKA sandboxing) nearby.

You and NPCs can walk through the tent walls. That's required because if collision were enabled you (and NPCs) would get stuck inside after using them and the camera view would be severely restricted. Walking through walls isn't ideal, but it's better than the alternative of being stuck in them.