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Drifter Outfit is a steel armor equivalent armor which favors unarmed combat with its agile form and heavy gauntlets

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Drifter outfit adds an craftable female outfit.
The outfit can be crafted at forges with requirements similar to steel armor. (needs steel smithing perk)
This is my very first outfit mashup and I'm very new to Outfit studio and BodySlide etc., so the armor has some minor issues (see comments).
I don't intend to fix them as I lack OS and BS skills and really don't feel like learning all that :D Feel free to drop a fix!
Gauntlets come with a customized unarmed enchantment that provides 25 points of unarmed damage, so they actually pack a punch.
pun intended


Drifter Outfit

Type: Heavy & Light
Weight: 35
Armor Rating: 31

Drifter Boots
type: Heavy & Light
Weight: 8
Armor Rating: 12

Drifter Gauntlets
type: Heavy & Light
Weight: 4
Armor Rating: 12
Enchantment: Deal 25 points of unarmed damage

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  • Install with your preferred mod manager, run bodyslide with your preset and sort load order if needed.