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A master file required by some of the overhauls of 'The Great Cities' series.

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The Great Cities - Resources

The Great Cities- Resources contains a few base files required by some of the overhauls in my city overhaul series The Great Cities. It contains a few base assets and voice types so they can be easily used by multiple of my overhauls without the need for re-implementation. This file was originally on the page of The Great Cities - Minor Cities and Towns but this caused some confusion so that's why I've made a separate page. The are new additions since the old release. You must use this version for the latest Winterhold update!

This mod is required by:
The Great Village of Kynesgrove
The Great City of Winterhold

The VA cast:
Alex Cain - MaleDunmer
Alex Luthor
 - MaleNordMiddleAged
Catherine Truitt - FemaleNordYoungAdult
Chandler Hollis - MaleNordYoungAdult
Thea Solone - FemaleNordMiddleAged

Check out the latest v4.1 update to the Great City of Winterhold:

Some examples of the voice acting (spoilers):